Wanting to upgrade my old PC - need help :<

  ragged 14:31 29 Mar 2007

Ok, I have a rather old pc, like 3-4 years old. I want to upgrade it a bit, not make it the new super computer but make it more viable.

What I need is a new graphics card mainly, then a new processor.

Atm it has a nvidia geforce MX440. and a 2.8ghz processor, pentium.

Wen it comes to upgrading and such i am a total novice and really dont know where to start.

How would I check compatibility between the products, also I do not want to change my harddrive and have enougH RAM. Any help is much appreciated.

  Technotiger 14:37 29 Mar 2007

Hi, well for a start, I don't think your processor needs upgrading, 2.8Ghz is pretty good. I do loads with my pc and I only have a 1.8Ghz processor.
If you have been happy with your graphics card up till now, and you don't have any problems, why change. If you have less than 2Gb of RAM, then that is what I would advise you to spend your money on - more RAM. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

  keef66 14:45 29 Mar 2007

If it's 4 years old then you'll be shopping on Ebay for processors to fit your motherboard, and you'd probably not see much of an improvement. I decided not to bother trying to replace my Athlon 2100XP because it wouldn't be worth the money / hassle.

The MX440 is an OK card for 2D applications, so only upgrade it if you want to play recent games at in higher detail / at better framerates, or you want it to power a digital flat panel at high resolution.

(I replaced my MX440 with a geforce 6600 for these very reasons, and because the fan on the old card was making a racket)

If you have 1 gb ram you have enough for Win XP in my experience

  malgall 18:09 29 Mar 2007

if you want to run more recent games a new graphics card would make them run a lot faster

how much do you want to spend on this new card

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