Wanting to start a new net work

  Migwell 23:36 15 Oct 2006

Hi I have never had anything to do with networks before and therefor don't know where to start.

I have a Computer In a loft room that can go onto the internet with it's own modem ADSL

I have a computer in an office on the floor below again with an ADSL internet connection on the same line as the loft one (can only use either when the other is unpluged from it's modem. Also on this floor is both a Ink jet printer and a Laser printer that will require to be useed.

I am also getting a Laptop Computer soon and will need internet and printing.

How do I do this setup and what equipment will I need and what will it cost (Rough guess)

Thanks Migwell

  Migwell 23:42 15 Oct 2006

Forgot to say both computers on Win XP Pro. If that makes any difference. So will the Laptop when I get it.

Would like to connect the Laptop to a 32" LCD TV at times to view Digital photographs that are held on the computer where the printers are. This is the main Computer.

  Strawballs 00:43 16 Oct 2006
  Danoh 00:55 16 Oct 2006

Assuming your LCD TV is on the floor below your office and you only have 1 ADSL modem in the loft, I would have your main computer and the loft computer wired to a wireless router on the TV floor.
The laptop will almost certainly have built-in wireless capability, and Ethernet LAN cards for each of the other two computers would be much cheaper, faster and more reliable then wireless adapter PCI-cards/USB.

If you are prepared to only be able to use the printers if the main computer is switched on, then that removes the need to get another bit of kit such as a print server or a NAS storage box with print server functionality.

So kit wise;
> 1 wireless router to connect to your ADSL modem
Unless you prefer to get a combined wireless ADSL modem.
> Ethernet LAN cards for 2 computers, if they do not already have LAN networking capabilities
> circa 25 metres of Cat5 ethernet cable and terminating connectors. Unless you prefer not to trim and make up the connectors yourself ~ buy whatever lengths you need to reach.
> Laptop to TV connection (different connections needed, more dependent on TV)

If cost is less of an issue, you could consider going completely wireless except for one computer, with MIMO wireless or pre-N as the new 802.11N standard seems to keep slipping further into the future (2008).

How to do the setup will be more involved ~ have a read of the other threads in this forum and they will give you a very good idea.
Post back with any further and more specific Q's and someone will be sure to help out.

  Migwell 23:55 16 Oct 2006

Feeling a lot happier than I was thank you.

Have bought a Card to indtall in the older computer in the loft and a 10 meter crosover cable. The main computer has a LAN socket on it, that will do for now I think. I will try to conect up in the morning. I will go wireless when the Laptop becomes a bit nearer to the time scale plan.

I will post back and let you know how I get on when I get through the next stage.

Thank you, Migwell

  Migwell 09:47 23 Oct 2006

Well the network works with file sharing and the printers work as well. I had a bit of bother getting the L.A.N. connection in the main computer to work, but it turned out to be my fault I had forgotten to enable it in the BIOS. Once that was done all was well.

Thanks to those who helped.

  Danoh 10:33 23 Oct 2006

Excellent job! You must be pleased with only having to get a LAN card and 10m of crossover Ethernet cable, for your direct PC-PC connection!
I presume you are aware that the 10m crossover cable is not suitable for any future router-networking?

Oh, just seen your new thread click here

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