Wanting to Learn Web/computer Programming

  dan_wade 12:23 14 Dec 2010


I've been using pc's for years and think I'm pretty savy in and around them. However, I've recently become very intrigued by web programming and general programming. The thing is, I wouldn't know where to start!

Can anyone point me in the right direction and the best thing to start with? Also, what can I realistically expect to be doing within the year?

Hope this isn't too vague or strange?



  OTT_B 17:40 14 Dec 2010

Its certainly not a strange post, but is a little on the vague side.

As I'm sure you can imagine, the amount of programming languages out there is, well, pretty big.

I'd decide what you want to be able to do (e.g. create a website of similar standard to one of your choosing, create an iPhone App etc) then look at what languages you need to know for that, and what software is available to help. Microsoft Word, for example, will effectively write a webpage for you. It won't be too good, but a webpage it will be.

More info needed!

  dan_wade 12:19 15 Dec 2010

I guess what I'd like to do is know what I can do with what language (still vague I'm guessing)

I suppose I'd like to create a website, potentially games, or write a programme that I can use for work (accountant so stats and things are always useful). The first and last would be my first choices.

Does that make it any clearer?

  OTT_B 19:14 15 Dec 2010

Ok, for websites, the 'core' languages are mostly listed here (click here). It's also an extremely good site for picking up the basics.

If you are an accountant, the MS Excel VBA (macro) language would be my advice. If not that, then full on Visual Basic is very good, but I suspect not so directly work related. I've never met an accountant yet who doesn't use Excel, and I've only met a very few who properly utilise what the programme is capable of.....and even then, the extra 'tools' are usually written for them.

  Terry Brown 20:23 15 Dec 2010

The easiest (and cheapest) way is to go to your local library, have a read about the different systems.

You can usually hire the book (with operating CD) for a small price, so you can try it at home, if you like it, you may consider buying the book, or you may decide to try a different system.

I would suggest a program that supports 'WYSIWYG'.

This means 'What you see is what you get on', and is a simple way to learn basic web programming.

Do a google for 'WYSIWYG',and happy hunting.

If you have a full version of Microsoft office (any version from 2000 on, you will have Frontpage, which is microsofts own web page creator.

  OTT_B 20:33 15 Dec 2010

Frontpage was discontinued in 2003.

dan_wade: download Sharepoint Designer(click here) if you are interested in going down this route. It's freeware.

  lotvic 01:17 17 Dec 2010

Have a look at PC Advisor's Learning Store click here
Look at the list in the lefthand column for ideas

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