Wanted...real time antispyware prog for Win 98.

  dogbreath1 20:47 04 Aug 2005

I use a number of antispyware progs on my home XP machines but they are not compatible with my one Win 98 machine (eg. MS Antispyware and PrevX). The latter machine rarely goes on line and only quite briefly when it does. On doing a routine scan (HouseCall) today I came across a number of diallers, a trojan (Win32: Trojan-gen {VC}) and some relatively inoccuous adware. I've been relying on SpywareGuard and Avast on this pc but the SG definitions have not been updated by Javacool since early 2004 so the vulnerability I was beginning to suspect has been borne out by experience! Any suggestions would be welcome, preferably free (the prog that is :D), but I need something which is effective..that's the key criteria.

  Dan the Doctus 21:21 04 Aug 2005

On my Win98 desktop I only use Ad-Aware, Spybot, AVG and ZoneAlarm. The only 'real time' protection is AVG, ZoneAlarm, Spybot's Immunize and Windows critical updates. I never get more than a handful of tracking cookies so it must be pretty effective.

  dogbreath1 21:31 04 Aug 2005

Thanks Dan. That's almost the same as my setup apart from I have Avast instead of AVG and have been relying on SG as a real time antispyware application. I've been using ad-hoc scanners like Spybot S&D, Ad-aware, a-squared and I have SpywareBlaster installed. I just feel (increasingly) vulnerable to spyware and I don't want to lose the flexibility of internet access for this machine. The other problem is that it's relatively old and hasn't really got sufficient capacity for an XP install. It may be that I have to bite the bullet and invest in yet another XP machine but if I can avoid that I will.

  woodchip 21:39 04 Aug 2005

Spybot does it if you load Teatimer

  dogbreath1 21:42 04 Aug 2005

Thanks for that...but I've got Teatimer enabled and these nasties still got through.

  bertiecharlie 21:45 04 Aug 2005

Adaware SE Plus offers real time monitoring and works on 98 ($24.95) click here

For a free real time monitoring programme, that doesn't rely on definitions, you could look at WinPatrol click here (If you click on WinPatrol Help half way down the page, it lists what the programme does.)

Sunbelt's CounterSpy only appears to work on 98SE and above otherwise that would have been one to look at.

  VCR97 21:47 04 Aug 2005

Spywareguard is not regularly updated and it can be months between updates. This is because it uses heuristic techniques. click here

  Jackcoms 21:47 04 Aug 2005

Try click here

It's not a cleaner like the other products you mention - it prevents malware getting onto your PC in the first place.

And, unlike SpywareGuard, its definitions are updated regularly.

  VCR97 21:49 04 Aug 2005

Scroll to fifth post.

  dogbreath1 21:54 04 Aug 2005

Thanks for that. Ad-aware SE Plus was at the back of my mind. I'm trying to avoid parting with my hard earned...but, if I have to, Ad-aware (paid for) is at the top of my list. I've tried WinPatrol, and I just don't like it.

  dogbreath1 22:00 04 Aug 2005

Cheers. Yup, I'm aware that SG utilises heuristics to (hopefully) spot new variants of known signatures. But it hasn't prevented these recent nasties from gaining access to my p.c.. As stated above, I use PrevX on my XP Machines. That prog also detects 'malware type behaviour' as well as signatures. I find it far more effective that SG, but it won't run on a Win 98 machine.

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