Wanted new Printer, looking for advice

  golfpro 10:03 18 Dec 2006

My old Canon S750 is three years now and on its last legs I'm also now having problems obtaining the correct Ink cartridges for it,
So I'm on the look out for a replacement, but would really appreciate some advice from users.
I will use it for a variety of things from printing photos (doesn't have to be lab quality), to printing B/W text. The most important thing is the cost of replacement ink (I tend to buy OEM cartridges), having had many problems with Ink Clubs etc.
My favored marks are Canon, HP or Epson in no particular order, it also has to be reasonably priced.
Any suggestions?

  ArrGee 10:07 18 Dec 2006

Recently bought a Canon Pixma iP4200. Very good all round and great for edgeless photo-printing. Good value for money.

  golfpro 11:09 18 Dec 2006

I was looking at the ip 4000 series, but the 4200 is difficult to come by where I live (Austria) and it seems has been super-ceded by the 4300 for only about 20-30 Euros more.

  FatboySlim71 11:54 18 Dec 2006

I can only recommend HP as ive owned Canon's (Printheads wore out on both in 14 months)

Epson's were very problamatic for clogged printheads and I did use the printer every two days, so it wasnt a case of lack of use that caused the clogged printhead problem, also I use to get a black blot of ink very often on the corner of a print outs, which is apparantly a common problem with Epson printers.

I have owned my HP Photosmart C3180 for around two and a half months and its a fabulous printer, print quality, scan quality is A1 IMO.

I made a point this time when I purchased my multi function printer to go for an HP, due to the fact that HP have their printheads as part of the ink cartridge and also from recommendations from colleges who had owned the same brands of printer as I had and they had switched to HP because of the problems they had with Epson and Canon, also with HP the printhead is new each time you install a new ink cartridge, this is the reason why HP cartridges are expensive, but I am willing to pay this if it means that I will, 1 "Have a printer that beats easily the quality I got from my Epson and Canon printers and also, 2 "having a printer that I will not suffer to the extent that I had with my Epson printer with clogged printheads" I have never had a clogged printhead in my HP printer yet, but if this had been my Epson I would have had several clogs by now.

I purchase my ink cartridges for my HP Photosmart C3180 off of Amazon, I can get an original HP black and colour delivered for around £23-24, which I don't think is expensive for original manafacturers cartridges.

I have written a review on the HP Photosmart C3180 if you are interested, you can read the review by clicking on the link below,

click here

  golfpro 13:36 18 Dec 2006

The one thing about the HP printers with only one head is, what happens when one color is empty, can you replace it or do you have to replace the complete unit.
The other thing is, as I have just bought a new scanner, I don't really need that facility.

  FatboySlim71 11:11 19 Dec 2006

I have had other printers in the past which have had 3 seperate cartridges for the colours, but in 12 months of use of that printer all the 3 colour cartridges seem to run out at the sametime everytime.

Printer manafacturers say we use 3 seperate cartridges so that when one is empty you are just replacing the empty colour cartridge, but in my experiance buying three seperate coloured cartridges is more expensive than buying a coloured cartridge that has all the three colours in the one cartridge, with the 3 seperate cartridges there is more to be manafacturered so the costs are higher. I personally avoid buying a printer that uses three seperate cartridges for the colours as I find it is false economy and it costs a lot more for cartridges IMO.

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