Wanted - idiots guide to wireless

  vardy 21:03 06 Feb 2003

I am thinking of buying a laptop and I would like to know how I can wirelessly connect to my PC's Freeserve Broadband connection using the laptop. I'm afraid all the articles I see go into too much technical detail, and my eyes start to glaze over. Is there someone prepared to spend a few minutes to explain how easy it really is?

Could I buy an iBook and use that to link to my PC? I don't know how compatible there really are.
Thanks in advance.

  davey 21:33 06 Feb 2003


I use a sony laptop connected to my desktop which connects to the internet using the wireless technology its quite simple to set up.

All you need is to buy a wireless adapter and connect this to your desktop, then configure laptop to the wireless adapter this also gives the benefits of file sharing, using the other desktop resources such as printer etc all used in wireless mode.

  Pumas 21:56 06 Feb 2003

More details anybody?

  vardy 21:58 06 Feb 2003

thanks for your response, that's great

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:11 07 Feb 2003

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