Wanted: eeprom (bios chip) removal tool

  Keith 19:32 14 May 2003

I have to replace the bios chip on a mainboard. Can anyone tell me where I can buy an eeprom removal tool? I've searched DABS, Belkin and Insight websites. Any suggestions please? Thanks, Keith

  ton 21:40 14 May 2003

You should be able to find a tool at click here I have one of these but most of the time (in my work) I prefer to use a very small screwdriver. If you look carefully at the ends of the chip, there is usually a small gap where you can gently insert the screwdriver (just a little) and lever up first one end then the other, keeping the chip as level as possible till it comes out. Make a note of which way round the chip goes before you remove it, there is usually a notch at one end. When it comes to fitting the new chip the pins usually are too wide. To make it fit, gently lay one side on a flat surface and bend them in slightly. Make sure you fit the chip the right way round and as you push the chip in check all the pins to make sure they are not bending.

  Keith 22:45 14 May 2003

Thanks for this. I'm checking out the link you gave me - would the tool be an IC Extractor (this is a guess that this stands for 'integrated chip' or some such? If so, I can get one for less than £5.
Or I could use the screw-driver method - but I feel a little nervous with my poor-ish eyesight!

  ton 22:59 14 May 2003

Yes it is called IC extractor or chip extractor. However, unless you spend a lot of money these tools are like a wide pair of tweezers with the ends turned in. They are not very easy to use as the chip usually comes out suddenly in an uncontrolled way. You can be much more controlled and gentle with a screwdriver. If your sight is not too good, could you use a magnifier and plenty of light? A magnifier would be good to watch that the pins are not bending on the way in (gently).

  Keith 23:10 14 May 2003

Thanks - I wondered what the thing looked like. I shall take your good advice and use the gentle screw-driver approach in daylight. I should be OK with my Sunday-best glasses on!

Many thanks once again for your prompt and very helpful advice. Keith

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