Want to wipe H.drive-what is best way?

  buel 20:59 24 Jun 2009

Hi, unfortunately i've got in a bit of a mess having put w7 on a hard drive but then later being 'told' by my brother that he wants xp either instead or aswell as w7 so being as i experienced problems trying to put xp on after id already put w7 on i've decided to wipe the lot and put xp on from the start. Please can anyone tell me the best way to wipe the hard drive in preparation to put xp on..and then w7?
Sorry for the hassle guys... :0(

  MAT ALAN 21:01 24 Jun 2009

Load from the disk, there will be an option to format as part of the install process...

  MAT ALAN 21:05 24 Jun 2009

Why the rush for W7 it is still in beta and is still bound to cause issues, i would look at the wealth of info available on dual booting before you decide what to do...

  tullie 21:09 24 Jun 2009

Dont tell us that you havent got an XP Disk will you lol

  lotvic 21:15 24 Jun 2009

Boot from XP cd
Delete all partitions.
Re create partition(s) to desired sizes
format partition C:
Install XP

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional reinstall step by step on a used hard drive click here

windowsreinstall all guides index click here includes Windows 7 and dual booting.

  wiz-king 21:42 24 Jun 2009

Oh ye of little faith!

  buel 22:21 24 Jun 2009

Thank you all (yet again)
Unfortunately i cannot get the (damn) pc to boot from the xp pro cd, when i get to the bios set up utility i see this:
1st boot device [sm-aopen com5232/a]
2nd boot device [pm-st3120026a]
3rd boot evice disabled

I have tried swapping the 1st boot device and the 2nd but the pc still wont boot off the cd!
Many a Grrr!!

  lotvic 22:55 24 Jun 2009

sm-aopen com5232/a = your Samsung CD-RW
ST3120026A = Hard drive Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 Plus

When first switching on at boot up with the XP cd in the Samsung CD-RW straight after the POST (Power On Self Test) you should get a brief instruction to 'press any key to boot from CD' this is when you should quickly press the space bar on keyboard.

If you keep missing the moment then gently keep tapping the space bar at around the time POST is finishing - and before it boots into Windows on your harddrive.

  buel 23:09 24 Jun 2009

Thank you for that, i've been looking for the 'press any key to boot from cd' instruction all along and it just doesn't appear! However, i will try the space bar route!
Thank you for your help and patience!!

  lotvic 23:23 24 Jun 2009

I think as Windows 7 creates a hidden boot partition you would be better to use killdisk to wipe the harddrive clean

click here

use the 1 step Bootable Floppy Creation
Download and run the Bootable Floppy Disk Creator for [email protected] KillDisk (click the link). It already contains all necessary files.

or the CD version

  buel 18:20 26 Jun 2009

Hi again, i dont have a floppy disk in my house, is this essential please?

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