Want to use laptop in the motor vehicle

  catpwss 12:39 21 Jun 2012

Hi all,I'm looking to use my laptop in the car,firstly what would one need to convert voltage etc,Secondly will there be a large drain on the car battery whilst car is on stop. The laptop is a HP Compaq Presario CQ61. Any help please. Thanks.

  Nontek 13:01 21 Jun 2012

click here

Have never used one in a vehicle, but I doubt if it would drain the battery too much.

  robin_x 13:09 21 Jun 2012

Discussion here

The laptop will still think it is running on mains. Set your power options down a bit like a Battery Profile. eg lower screen brightness etc.

My CQ61 idles/simple browsing at 30+W'ish.

Watching videos/gaming will bump it up considerably.

  spuds 13:19 21 Jun 2012

The item in the link would probably do the job, as would an inverter, but both would be reliant on a good battery that holds its power. if you were going to use either device connected to a laptop while using for long periods, then the vehicle battery might suffer a loss, which could result in ignition and other device failures.

Used wisely, and you will most likely be okay. Make sure though that you have a protection device in whatever you use, in case of sudden power or voltage fluctuations.

  conrail 13:28 21 Jun 2012

Hi, as I am now getting older I start to get daft things as gifts, one I have is a 3 pin socket that plugs into the cigarette lighter, quite bulky but it works, wife has the car at work so can't give you a brand name but similar 2nd item http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/productstoreId10001catalogId10151productId236607langId-1categoryId165452 or http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mp75-Ring-Mini-Inverter-75w/dp/B000ORW8RC/ref=sr11?ie=UTF8&qid=1340281639&sr=8-1 hope this helps

  caccy 16:53 21 Jun 2012

We run my wife's 15.3" Sony Vaio on an inverter (150Watts) when on a camp site without electricity. But the power consumed includes charging the computer's internal battery so if you go this route you need to look its 240v external power supply. If it dosn't tell you the wattage then, multiply the lowest current figure by 240v to give you the Wattage for an inverter. for example the label may say 110-240v 1.0A-0.5A . In this case you would need an inverter capable of supplying 240*0.5 =120 Watt. Hope this helps.

  catpwss 20:47 21 Jun 2012

Thanks all,Think that the link that Nontek provided looks as it would be okay. many thanks to all.

  Nontek 21:11 21 Jun 2012

Good, thanks for your feedback.

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