want to use 2 computers on 1 broadband

  neil67 18:38 08 Jul 2006

Can someone please let me know the best way to use 2 computers off one broadband connection.I
think you use a router that i do know but the one to choose i am lost there are that many also dont want to spend the earth on it if possible.Hope someone can help many thanks

  ade.h 18:50 08 Jul 2006

ADSL or cable?

Modem/router for the former; cable/DSL router for the latter. Let me know either way before I make recommendations.

  neil67 18:58 08 Jul 2006

cable modem does this help

  ade.h 19:19 08 Jul 2006

Then you need a cable/DSL router. click here

  neil67 19:43 08 Jul 2006

many thanks

  wee eddie 21:12 08 Jul 2006

What kind of Modem did your ISP provide you with

  neil67 10:24 09 Jul 2006

speedtouch 330 wee eddie on virgin broadband

  scotty 10:39 09 Jul 2006

I think there may be some confusion here (or perhaps it is just me that is confused!!!)

In response to ade.h, you say you need a cable modem. In you latest post you state you are with virgin. I thought virgin provide broadband by ADSL. Just to clarify ade.h's question, do you have a normal (e.g. BT) phone line or do you use a cable company such as NTL? If you have a BT line you need an ADSL modem/router. If you are with a cable company you need a cable router.

  scotty 10:54 09 Jul 2006

Just looked up speedtouch 330 and see it is an ADSL modem so I guess you need an ADSL modem/router. Ebuyer have a large selection. I use a safecom which is cheap and easy to use. click here for a selection of what is available.

  neil67 11:02 09 Jul 2006

Reply to scotty-Yeah sorry got ADSL modem. is there any way i can use both computers at the same time on internet both at same time without getting a wireless router in other words i have another modem with all bits,so would i be able to use computer upstairs at same time as one downstairs(both connected to bt line)help if you can complete novice many thanks neil

  scotty 11:18 09 Jul 2006

You do not connect both computers through two modems to the one phone line. You need to use a modem/router box which can take connections from more than one computer. Routers can be wired or wireless (although most wireless routers will also take wired connections). You need to decide if you can run cables from both computers to the router which will be placed close to a phone line socket or whether you would prefer not to run cables and use a wirless router. Wireless is a bit more expensive but the cost is coming down all the time and the price difference is not that great. If you go for the wireless option, you will have to make one of the computers wirless too.

If you tell us whether you want wired or wireless, I am sure you will get good recommendations.

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