want to upgrade my agp card!

  kayell1 20:38 24 Jul 2008

Hi...Need your help please!
I currently have a Nvidia geforce fx5500 256mb agp graphics card on my pc (motherboard is an 'elitegroup 755-a2' and is about 3 year old). I fancy a 'GeForce AGP 7300GT 512MB Graphics Card by Sparkle' seen on auction site. Will this card be an improvement and will it be suitable for my motherboard please? According to my motherboard manual..."The AGP slot is used to install 3D graphics adapter that supports the 8x AGP card which is also backward compatible with 4x AGP card. The slot is keyed to support only the latest 1.5 volt AGP cards"....If not, can anyone recommend an agp card for gaming please?

  citadel 20:52 24 Jul 2008

7300gt is not much good, only costs £37 new. sapphire hd3850 £79 is better. if you have a 8x slot any card will work.

  nosharpe 09:17 25 Jul 2008

This motherboard has a 8x AGP slot so any AGP x8 card will work.
I would purchase an ATI 3850 card click here.

You may be able to get a good card on ebay at a good price.

  kayell1 11:02 25 Jul 2008

thanks for advice...........kayell

  mir_srk 13:08 25 Jul 2008

i hav similar doubt. i got acer aspire 2920 with intel x3100 graphics card. itzzz pci-e motherboard. bt i want a nvidia or ati graphics card. is it possible to change the graphics card??
if so which card would work with my laptop???


  GaT7 15:44 25 Jul 2008

kayell1, what's your PC spec like - CPU, RAM & PSU in particular? E.g. installing a £80 3850 in a single-core low-end system with 512Mb would be a waste for one thing, & your PSU may not be good enough.

As nosharpe suggests, I'd also be inclined to get something really good off eBay for £40-50. Before purchasing though, make sure it's an AGP card, your PSU will be powerful enough & it'll physically fit in the case.

mir_srk, one cannot normally upgrade laptop graphics - it's very rare if ever. If you want better graphics for a specific reason, then the only option is to buy a laptop that has better graphics. G

  kayell1 18:21 25 Jul 2008

Hi Crossbow...The spec i know of is...
AMD Sempron 3000 64 bit 2gb sdram graphics card is fx 5500 gfx
hope this helps....Kayell

  mir_srk 19:43 25 Jul 2008

hi cross brow
thanxx 4 reply.
i jus wanted to run modern games on my laptop. bt i dont know which graphics card will work best for my laptop.

  martjc 20:04 25 Jul 2008

...it is difficult if not impossible to upgrade the graphics on a laptop. They're not designed to be upgraded! If it won't run a game, then it just will not run it, end of!!!

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