want to stop C drive being expanded

  peejayryt 18:40 28 Mar 2003

I want to keep my 'C' drive closed until want to open it. I may want to look in my other drives first. Can this be done. Thanks

  MAJ 18:53 28 Mar 2003

Yes it's possible, peejayryt. Right click on the Windows Explorer icon on your desktop, choose Properties and change the "Target" to:


That will stop your C: drive from being extended.

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n,/e,D:\ will open your D: drive.

  MAJ 18:55 28 Mar 2003

Forgot to say, peejayryt, that's for Windows XP.

  flecc 20:39 28 Mar 2003

Here's the gen for other Windows versions.

To open a different drive letter in Explorer, for example drive E, go to a Windows Explorer shortcut in Start/Programs, or on the desktop, right click it and select properties. Then on the Shortcut Tab, change the Target line in the window to read exactly as follows:-

C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE /e,/ select,E:\ .

Do not include that full stop at the end, as it's only there to stop this site messing up the format. Otherwise, every detail of that line is important, including the spaces after EXE and before select if the line is to work.

If adding a folder to be opened in the shortcut, for example, My Photos where the name has spaces included, it's necessary to enclose the destination with inverted commas thus:

C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE /e/ select,"E:\My Photos"

The other ways of opening Explorer will still be available:-

From My Computer right click/explore, giving drives closed.

From the Start Button right click/explore, giving the traditional view with drive C and the Windows Folder open.

By pressing Winkey + E which gives Explorer with drives closed. (Winkey=flying flag)

Finally, you can of course substitute any other drive letter in the last position only on that target line I've given.

  peejayryt 21:47 28 Mar 2003

Thanks for replies. What I want is for W/Explorer to show all my drives but none expanded. I'm not sure what you say will do this? am I right?

  peejayryt 18:41 29 Mar 2003

flecc. Have read your reply again - penultimate line- thanks didnt catch on before.

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