Want to split big folder into smaller cd size ones

  CLONNEN 08:40 27 Jan 2007

I have a large folder full of files that I want to archive to cdr. Unfortnately the size of the folder is 2.35GB which is too large for one cdr.

Is there an easy (quick) way of rearranging the files into multiple folders of 650MB each so that I can burn a cdr for each folder.

The only way I currently know of is to manually copy and paste the files in Windows Explorer until I reach the correct size but this takes forever.

Is there a cd burning program which can automatically group the files into 650MB chunks and burn each to a cdr?

  SLAYER 08:53 27 Jan 2007
  jack 08:55 27 Jan 2007

The forever way would seem to be the only way.

Create 4 empty folders and click and drag blocks of files, checking the properties of the folder as you go-
When a suitable size - about 80% of the CD capacity[Never fill one up] move on.
Simply dragging all files to the write zone and watching the task bar to disc capacity and then stopping can lead to other complications I imagine not least the risk of lost files
The old adage from the stone age of computing still applies - the rule of K.I.S.S*- trying to get clever will lead to unwanted complications

*Keep It Simple Stupid

  CLONNEN 22:19 29 Jan 2007

I have just found a utility called InkSizer from click here which can split a folder into any size chunks you specify.

Just go to the Command Prompt (from Start-Programs-Accessories) and navigate to where the Inksizer.exe file is (I just put it on the C drive for easy access) then type the following command :

inksizer c:\folder1 c:\folder2 -s -u=650mb

c:\folder1 = your source folder that you want to split

c:\folder2 = your destination folder that you want the smaller chunks to be copied to (the source folder remains intact so you don't risk any loss of data from using this utility)

-s = keeps the files in sequential order

-u=650mb = splits the files and folders within the source folder into 650mb chunks

It's absolutely amazing just what I was looking for.

  rabadubdub 22:38 29 Jan 2007

also has a facility to backup to cd/dvd and state what size chunks you want - even 1MB for a floppy.
Think I'll check out your inksizer as well - one singer, one song.


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