Want to change time on photos

  Phil Ocifer 12:43 24 Sep 2012

Hopefully I have posted this in the right section - or should it be in digital?

I have just returned from holidays and took 3 cameras. I remembered to set the time on two of them but took about 50 pics on the 3rd camera which are now 2 hours out of sync. I was using the 3rd camera and the wife was using hers at the same time so we now have some of my photos which appear to have been taken after the wifes.

Can anyone recommend any free software which would allow me to change the time on these pics so that I can put all the pics off all three cameras into one folder, then sort by time and then go through them in sequential order?

If not, how would I go about it - any ideas? I'm guessing I could do something (i.e. alter the tagging info) in Windows Explorer but envisage it being mind numbingly tedious having to go into Properties for each picture.

Fortunately it doesn't have a time/date imprinted on the photo (Panasonic).

Windows Vista (totally up to date).

Thanks in advance Phil

  KRONOS the First 12:49 24 Sep 2012

This might do it. Exiftool.

  hssutton 19:13 24 Sep 2012

I think you may be better off with PhotoMe as it's a little easier to work with, but you will have to alter the date/time manually on each individual image. PhotoMe

  Phil Ocifer 22:11 24 Sep 2012

Thanks Chronus - that appears to have done the trick.

Yes, hssutton - a little difficult to work with but I found the relevent command, tried to work it out from the dos help file and eventually went back to the website and got another instruction from there.

Now I'm having problems copying from camera 3 Sony format card, but I've clicked the tick box (do the same) and it's progressing.

Thanx all

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