want to change name in windows

  pooperscooper 11:26 29 Oct 2006

Hi, I want to know how I can change the registration name which is val that I gave to my computer when I first installed windows, by this I dont mean the "computer" name that is in the user section. What I am trying to do is change it becaise I have noticed that all my cookies start with this for instance:
Cookie:[email protected]/(&H100001) 160 bytes
also everything in my documents has:-

C:\Documents and Settings\VAL\Application Data\Google\Local Search History\google%2Eweb.w 574 bytes

Its The Val part I want to alter, has anyone any idea how I do this without having to re-install windows, I have tried changing the user name and that doesn't work!!

  birdface 11:41 29 Oct 2006

Hi Val, Does not matter what you change you name to, You will always have cookies,This site ,Banks, Anti-virus , They all use them,You Can Delete them all, Then you get pestered with pop ups, Wanting you to allow or refuse them.I suppose that way you can get rid of the ones you dont want,

  pooperscooper 11:50 29 Oct 2006

Hi, Yes I know how to empty the cookie folder, which I do a lot, but I really want to change the "val" permenantly, because as far as I can see, even if I get rid of all cookies, as soon as I go back into a website, they will know exactly who I am again, even if I change my IP, which I do just by turning off my broadband for a couple of hours!!

  Eric10 12:09 29 Oct 2006

I don't know if this is what you mean but you can change the registered owner, as displayed in the Properties of My Computer, with keyfinder click here

If you want to get rid of VAL in Documents and Settings then you will need to create a new user with administrator rights and copy across anything you want to keep from VAL (documents, emails, etc) to the new user. Finally you will need to delete user VAL.

  birdface 12:17 29 Oct 2006

Like Eric say's ,You Can Change you name in user Accouts in the control panel,Open user accounts, Pick an account to change,And click on it,Then press Change Name,You can change it from Val, To LAV,{Ha Ha },Or to whatever you want ,

  pooperscooper 12:20 29 Oct 2006

Hi, I have already tried changing the name in user accounts but it still wont change the registration name and cookies etc still come up with val in the text..I will try Eric 10 s way and let you know Thanks..By the way LAV is a good idea!!!!

  birdface 12:21 29 Oct 2006

I Know you can change your name in windows, I have done it, And If I remember how, i will let you know.

  pooperscooper 12:35 29 Oct 2006

Hi I have just done eric way and changed it with the program he suggested but val is still showing??

  birdface 12:38 29 Oct 2006

Right ,Try, Start, Right click my Computer, Properties, Computer Name, Change, Then change computer name, Ok, Probably still not the one you are looking for , But getting close,Have a look,

  pooperscooper 12:47 29 Oct 2006

Hi, what am I doing wrong when I left click on My Computer, then properties, I just get a box, with nothing to let me change conmputer name, guess what the location says on the general tab:-
C:\Documents and Settings\VAL\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

That bloody Val again??????

  Eric10 12:49 29 Oct 2006

VAL will always show in Documents and Settings until you delete that user. Even changing the username in User Accounts won't shift it as the new username will still use VAL's Documents and Settings. Changing the Computer name will also make no difference. As I said in my earlier post, you need to create a new user, copy all data you don't want to lose from VAL's Documents and Settings to the new user's Documents and Settings and then Delete user VAL and all its files.

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