want to buy a new pc

  musichead 19:12 17 Sep 2004

hi everyone i am looking to buy a new desktop pc,i have £900 to a £1000 at a stretch.I currently have a sony laptop which is shared with the rest of the family i now want something i can put in my own room.I want this pc to be a allrounder play the odd game,have good storage options ie dual dvd burner if possible,would like seperate graphics not on board and sound card,and future proof easy to upgrade,i was also hoping to have a flat screen as well i know £900 is not a lot of money for the things i want but there so much on offer i do not want to end up with just a beige box that is not going to do the things i want to do in a years time.I have used this forum before and always had sound advice i am relying on everyone again can you help and point me in the right derection thx

  Noleg24 19:27 17 Sep 2004

musichead email me with what you want and I'll give you a price list and hopefully it will be within £900 if not between that and £1000...

  pj123 19:38 17 Sep 2004
  hellred 19:52 17 Sep 2004

Lets be honest, first ask yourself the question: WHAT DO I ACTUALLY WANT TO DO. Then when you know that, work out whats needed, most people say they want futureproof, HA when you buy it its already several steps out of date. Then when was the last time you opened your PC and added a component to it ( do you actually feel confident in doing that ) if not all that future proof is by the by.
Then the Graphics Card ( everybody wants the fastest latest and most powerful ) and time after time all they do is use Xcel and Word and manipulate a few pictures. You need nothing better then an average card ( even they are more then whats needed ). Yes a CDRW but a dual layer DVD Burner, why ? are going to produce tons of movies ? Even when you do there is plenty ways of producing a VCD of a 20 min. Home movie, that will play on a DVD Player.
Last not least, if you are here asking, then take this advise on the specs you need and if you buy better then you are spending on something you wont be able to see in bahaviour or the difference in performance.

P4 3 GHZ
512 MB RAM
SOUND ON BOARD ( unless you want surround sound )
17" TFT ( preferably DVI )

That all should cost no more then 700.00 and if you are incined look on E-bay and have a look at DELL there PC are solid and great value.

From someone who has bought 100s of PCs.


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