Want to burn Wav. files to disk as audio format

  Simac 21:46 09 Apr 2005

Can anyone help, I am trying to burn Wav. files onto disk in audio format using Nero software.

I assumed that I could just start Nero and go through the prompts on the wizard for intance I click next for cd, then next for Compile a new cd, then next when asked for audio format. Then I click finish I then drag my wav. files to the left hand side and then press Burn, but it then kicks in with a prompt asking where I want to save an image file. Is there a solution as what I should be doing.


  mattyc_92 21:48 09 Apr 2005

You got it... Just in the wrong order.... the Finish Button is for burning it, thus called finish.... lol

  stalion 21:52 09 Apr 2005

are you useing nero express?

  Simac 09:47 10 Apr 2005

I am using Nero 5, I just want to transfer Wav. files onto Audio using Nero I read somewhere that you can just creat a new CD compile it then select audio then click finish then once that is done I place them in the left and pane and then press burn it should just copy them to CD/R but it does not!! Instead it comes in with a prompt to save an image of it in a destination elsewhere. I did this then went to the destination of that file to burn to CD/R but no joy.
I have no problems on my Desktop doing the same procedure but because all wav. files are on a laptop I need to do it through this!!

  pj123 11:33 10 Apr 2005

Select Audio CD not data. Nero will automatically convert them to .cda files.

  Simac 14:06 10 Apr 2005

Thanks for your message but I am already selecting Audio Cd I get past that then I press finish it then give me the option to drag all the wav. files into the left hand pane which I do then I just it the burn button as suggested but he comes up with a window asking me where I want the image saved to when all I want is to have it burnt to Cd. On purpose I left the Cd out so hopefully it would recognise that I have no media in the cd-writer for it to write to. When I close the window which suggests saving the files as an image it assumes I have aborted the session. All I want is the files to burn directly to the Cd, nothing else!!

  jack 14:12 10 Apr 2005

Go with the Flow.
When prompted 'where do you want the images saved'
send to a previously created folder. Call it CD stuff or something.
Then Create a new CD. go the 'CD Stuff [or something] and drag or better yet -higlight/right click/copy - go to Burn window riht click paste. Then burn.

  pj123 14:33 10 Apr 2005

Sorry, Simac but I obviously don't understand. When I select Audio CD I get a window with "Audio 1" and a blank space on the left and "File Browser" on the right. I find the audio tracks I want in the File Browser and drag them on to the left space. (there is no Finish). At the bottom I get a blue line which tells me the duration (say 60 mins). I then click on the Icon "burns the current compilation" and off we go. The next window has ticks in Write and Finalize CD. I also have to select the Write Speed, Write Method and Number of Copies. Then click Burn (top right).

Nowhere do I get asked about an image file.

Just tried it as I respond to this thread and everything is running smoothly.

Select the CD Writer you have in options. Might be that it has defaulted to IMAGEWRITER.

  Simac 17:24 10 Apr 2005

Yes you are right tommo2000 it states at the bottom that I have it on image record but the other option is obviously my DVD but when I select this Nero prompts me to say sorry this Nero edition can only be used with the recorder it as been bundled with?? I can't have this so the only option is image record which I know I do not want!!

  Simac 17:26 10 Apr 2005

Would Roxio Cd Creator be any use for transfering .wav files to audio, but then again it states I need the platinum version!!

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