Want to add USB Card to PC - Anti-Static???

  lennyeggy 11:49 04 Jul 2007


I have in the past added extra HD & DVD Burners etc to computer but I'm now going to add a USB 2 card and I'm worried about static build up.

I've got a new PC so I don't want to do something stupid. My last PC was a cheapy rubbish thing on it's last legs so I didn't really mind. I never had any problems when playing with it's insides but I should be more careful anyway.

Can someone please tell me what I should do to avoid the anti-static issue when fixing a new card? I was once told to touch a radiator (?) which is earthed... I do not have one of the wrist band thingies - sorry I'm not an IT expert and not particulary technical which you may have noticed :-)

any suggestions are welcome... ta

i have never had any problems, and all i do is touch the metal frame of the case every couple of minutes, i built a pc from scratch 2 weeks ago, and took no real procautions, i just touched the case before i picked any parts up and every now and then whilst fitting cables etc.

  lennyeggy 12:29 04 Jul 2007

Well... I can't say I've had a problem in the past so I wasn't sure whether or not to take it seriously. I thought I'd just check first.

I did think that it was best to touch something that was earthed rather than something metal.

I'm sure it will be fine... the pc card is in a little bag and warns about anti-static which is what made me think about it.

thanks for your response.

  benjiboots 12:30 04 Jul 2007

I also have never had any problems - never used a wrist band. I have tinkered with them on a carpeted floor which isn't recommended.

Just be careful I'd say. It takes longer to unplug everything and take the case off than it does to fit a card. Actually, thinking about it I've fitted cards with everything still plugged in (except the power of course) and the computer standing upright - but I don't recommend this either!

  Totally-braindead 13:08 04 Jul 2007

I also have never had a problem, I have been told memory is particularly suscepatable to static but as long as earth yourself before installing the card I cannot see why you would have any problem.
To a certain degree it seems to me to be blown out of all proportion. I've worked on many PCs and have never had any problem with static whatsoever.

  lennyeggy 13:15 04 Jul 2007

cool. thanks for your help

I've changed memory before and not earthed myself before hand and not hand any problems either.

I will just be carefull what I touch and touch the case just in 'case'!

ta :-)

oh and never touch the connection parts!

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