Wannadoo BB, how long did it take to get your kit?

  pj123 15:22 25 Jun 2004

Two of the people I teach decided to go BB. One on AOL received their kit from AOL within 3 days and has now installed it. The other on Freeserve is still waiting after 14 days. He has sent 3 emails asking when it is going to arrive but all he gets is an automated email back referring him to an FAQ website, which doesn't answer the question anyway. Anyone else on Wannadoo BB? How long did you wait please?

  fsbb 16:02 25 Jun 2004

January this year. 5 days from ordering for kit. 8 days from ordering for BT to to initialise phone line. Wanadoo may be busy at moment as the new low proce BB has recently been introduced.

  pj123 16:40 25 Jun 2004

fsbb, thanks I appreciate what you say. The email he got after ordering said 7 to 10 days. They have now exceeded that limit which is why he is emailing them to find out when it is due.

  csqwared 17:54 25 Jun 2004

I appreciate it's probably not much help now, but most shops, Curry's, Dixon's, PC World etc. are selling the stuff over the counter. That's how I got mine, and I was up and working in a couple of days.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:47 25 Jun 2004

5 days to recieve the kit, 7 more days waiting for activation.


  spuds 20:04 25 Jun 2004

A friend got his kit in 4 days, but it took 8/9 days for BT to activate a new line,due to problems in local box.

  TBH1 21:26 25 Jun 2004

ditto Spuds comment, a mate of mine got his kit within 3 days, still waitin on activation for line

  badgermansix 22:11 25 Jun 2004

My next door neighbour waited a month, the kit arrived within a couple of days, but despite a lot of calls to freeserve the only response he got was (it seems "tough"), it is out of our hands, it is a BT connection problem.

  kev.Ifty 22:56 25 Jun 2004

Got a cold call asking me if i wished to upgrade from dailup i agreed and provided my infomation and was told 5 to 10 working days. Two weeks later i phoned wanacloo to be told my application had not gone thru. I reregistered and again 5 to 10 working days....
7 days later... It arrived.(modem package)
I was given a date when my account would be activated and on that date i set up my modem as per the instructions and guess what?.... NO. It worked! honest. So from the time of MY call it took 2 weeks.

My advice would be to phone them 0870 010 2462

  pj123 10:32 26 Jun 2004

Thanks everyone. So, even if he gets the kit he still may have to wait for the line to be activated. When do Wannadoo start charging? from registration date or activation date?

Glad I'm on NTL. The engineer came, fixed everything in, made a phone call and an hour later I was on line.

  spuds 10:43 26 Jun 2004

Regarding charges, I think this is one that you have to watch. My friend was in dispute over this one due to BT's problem with line activation, and faults with the BT system. Fair dues to Freeserve [Wannadoo]they seem to have followed through on his complaints with BT.

Would also suggest that on activation, you make sure that you are not running two firewalls. He was running XP Home with the firewall on, which he had not realised, and at the same time was running ZoneAlarm.He was constantly being disconnected, and it took sometime before He,BT and Freeserve realised what was the fault.

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