Wandering mouse problems

  sjd224 10:55 04 Oct 2004

Since installing XP SP2, I now have a mouse pointer that insists on wandering either north or west on my computer screen. (And only north or west.) Troubleshooter tells me all is fine, I've gone into the mouse set up and can see no problem. I use a mouse pad with a gel wrist rest, and have noticed it tends to happen most when I'm holding the mouse prior to clicking anything. Over sensitive to vibration? It happens in all programmes, even games. Any ideas welcome.

  Curio 19:17 04 Oct 2004

Try disconnecting and reconnecting at the socket. Sometimes this cures all sorts of minor irritations

  JonnyTub 19:19 04 Oct 2004

wireless mouse?

  sjd224 10:36 05 Oct 2004

Sorry, PS2 mouse connection.

  OwenLotts 10:40 05 Oct 2004

Balled or optical? If ball mouse then try cleaning the ball and the rollers inside it. The bottom plate should come off with a twist and the ball will drop out. Clean the rollers carefully with a tooth pick and reassemble.

If Optical check for dust and muck in the sensor.

  spuds 10:46 05 Oct 2004

If it as a ball underneath, there is a possibility that the rollers have fluff on the them. Remove cover and ball and clean if required.

  sjd224 15:07 05 Oct 2004

Already tried that, no joy. Still perplexed. As a matter of interest, the problem has only materialised on my main desktop PC, not my laptop, which has had the same upgrade from the same upgrade disc.

  OwenLotts 17:31 05 Oct 2004

Have you tried the same mouse on the laptop - might be broken / damaged cable?

  Curio 20:35 06 Oct 2004

that may have reacted to the Update. If so, consider re-installation

  sjd224 19:59 07 Oct 2004

It was the mouse. A second. old, standby mouse works fine, so I'll have to get a nice new shiny one. Thanks to all, I just feel like a prat, now though.

  jacquisue 10:19 13 Nov 2004

Hmmm, I bought a new Tiny PC and the optical mouse which came with it does the same thing. Wanders off on its own - not all the time, but irritating when trying to click on something and it dithers off diagonally.
Will borrow another mouse to see if same thing happens or not. Maddening when it's new.

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