wandering mouse pointer

  chippy+ 22:40 18 Jan 2009

Hi I have connected my pc to my hdtv i have also connected a wireless keyboard and mouse but the mouse pointer is wandering all over the screen can anyone help.I am making this pc wireless internet connection will this affect the wireless keyboard and mouse thanks Chippy

  Pamy 09:44 19 Jan 2009

Battery is low

  Taff™ 10:06 19 Jan 2009

Or you are trying to use the mouse on a reflective surface such as glass. Try it on a matt surface - a piece of card, a book or a traditional mouse mat.

  chippy+ 10:11 19 Jan 2009

hi Pamy & Taff new batteries in both keyboard and mouse tried all sorts of surfaces but no luck thanks for your replies may have to buy a new set

  rickd 11:15 19 Jan 2009

Try moving the wireless receiver further away from the screen (or any other item using power).

  Taff™ 12:27 19 Jan 2009

Check that there isn`t any detritus on the lens such as fluff. Clean it with a cotton bud. If you can change the channel it`s using by pressing the buttons on the transmitter then the mouse and the keyboard. It could be that they are out of sync.

  chippy+ 12:51 19 Jan 2009

Hi rickd & Taff™
will try your suggestions thanks Chippy

  merseyman 13:03 19 Jan 2009

hi, Does anyone know what dvd disc to use that will work on any machine or PC.Like when you buy a dvd of a movie it will play on any machine .Thanks

  Taff™ 13:07 19 Jan 2009

You should start a new subject of your own Titled "DVD Disc Compatibility" - not many are going to find your post because you are hijacking someone elses topic.

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