Wandering cursor problems.

  User-B078DC81-ED27-4E89-B4383A4CBE47463A 21:58 25 May 2005

Sometimes when I log onto my p.c.(Dell latitude laptop).The cursor appears to have a mind of it,s own and wanders around the screen,as if controlled by someone else!..If I attempt to control the cursor myself the arrow wiil fight against my attempt to control it,and will usually go to one corner of the screen.I hasten to add that this only happens on the odd ocassion.But can become extremly frustrating.Any clues as to the possible cause and solution?.
Thanks for any help Gary.

  VoG II 22:00 25 May 2005

1) batteries dying

2) mouse knackered - replace

3) krazy mouse or similar "joke" program installed

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