Wanadoo / write protected C drive

  sovenden 17:33 19 Jan 2006

I bought one of the broadband in a box kits from wanadoo yesterday. installation is supposed to be simple, you inset the cd's and follow the prompts etc.

The problem is that for some reason the installation cannot create the wanadoo folder in c/programme files because it says the c drive is write protected.

if i manually try to create a folder in programme files, windows stops that too. i've tried switching off the read only box in properties, but that switches itself back on again.

any ideas anyone?

i'm running xp home edition and norton antivirus 2005 in case that matters.

  Zak 19:51 19 Jan 2006

You need to be logged on to Win XP with Administrator rights. This may well be the problem if you are using a Limited Account.

  sovenden 08:53 20 Jan 2006

thanks zak - its my home pc with no particular log on required.

any ideas?

  Smegs 09:25 20 Jan 2006

You do NOT need the Installation disk for Wanadoo.

All you need is the driver for the Modem. That's assuming you have IE on already. Once you install the driver, you SHOULD be able to connect to the Internet.

Then you will need to change your Home page to Wanadoo, that's if you want Wanadoo as your home page.

"I bought one of the broadband in a box kits from wanadoo yesterday. installation is supposed to be simple, you inset the cd's and follow the prompts etc."

Have Wanadoo turned your BB on already?? Normal takes longer than a day.

  sovenden 09:34 20 Jan 2006

ok thanks for that. i'll download a driver direct from the manufacturer (its a speedtouch modem) and install that.

bb is not turned on yet - takes up to 10 days i'm told, so i'll try the driver route for now (just want to try and get the thing set up for when bb is turned on).

thanks for the answer.

  ventanas 11:25 20 Jan 2006

The Wanadoo setup automatically connects you at the end of the installation process. if your BB is not yet activated this could be the cause of your problems. I would leave it alone until they tell you its ready.

  sovenden 11:34 20 Jan 2006

the box comes with two cds. the first is registration and the second drivers etc. for obvious reasons (and also because this is what the instructions say) you have to load the first cd (registration) before BB is switched on. BB will never ever be switched on if you dont register.

my trouble is i cant even get past this stage with the cds because of the write protection on my c drive. the installation doesn't even get started. i somehow need to work out how to turn that off - could this be something to do with my anti virus or spyware software preventing the installation?

  ventanas 11:53 20 Jan 2006

I assume you've tried copying something else to your C drive, anything at all, or tried to install something else. If that works its not write protected. If you have'nt tried this, give it a try and come back with the result.

  sovenden 11:57 20 Jan 2006

yes, i've tried that and get an access denied error. i cant copy, move, create or delete anything in the c/program files directory. all other files and directories seem unaffected.

  ventanas 17:02 20 Jan 2006

Just a couple more things I can think of:

Are there any other users on this machine that may have changed something.

Have you checked that your user account is still set to administrator.

The only other chance I can think of is to restart in safe mode, right click the program files folder and check the permissions (right click\Properties\security tab. As you have the Home version you can only do this in safe mode. This assumes for file system is ntfs.

  sovenden 08:49 23 Jan 2006

thanks all.

the only thing which had been changed recently was that i had upgraded from norton 2002 (with all the updates) to norton 2006. surprise surprise, when i uninstalled norton the problem went away and instllation went by the book.

i've reinstalled norton as i still have 11 month plus of the subscription to go, but i wont be renewing.

thanks all for your suggestions.

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