Wanadoo wireless network connection speed issues?

  theresnogoodnamesleft 01:18 30 Jan 2006


There are three of us in my flat sharing a (recently upgraded to) 2mb broadband connection, wirelessly via the wanadoo livebox.

The main issue is basically the connection speeds are really slow for 2mb,I know there's 3 of us on the network, but it seems incredibly slow anyway. For example webpages can often take ages to load, in the region of 56k speeds, and downloading things can be very slow too.

Compared to when I visited home over xmas holidays, connecting to that broadband connection things were downloading at least twice as fast (in comparison to best ever speeds on the wanadoo).

We recently upgraded our connection to a 2mb one, but there has been no noticable speed increase as a result of this, which seems really odd. Even when there is only one computer on the network, speeds are still pretty slow, and no noticable speed/performance difference from when there are 3 of us on the network.

I was wondering if it is possible that other computers could have gained access to our network and be stealing our connection speed, as on the 'inventel wireless network manager' program that is used for the network a few other possible connections can be seen. At first I thought it was merely other networks that happened to be in range, but now I'm not sure if they might be able to access this network.
The connection to the livebox is secured via a WEP key, but is there a way to check the security of the livebox network to be sure?

all 3 of our computers are on xp sp2, and an odd thing we noticed is that when going into the livebox configuration page, clicking the button which (re)submits the username/password info results in the connection going much faster, but only for a short spell of time like 10 minutes at most.

Basically any advice on ensuring the security of our connection/network or any ideas on why the connection speed is generally so slow would be apreciated. thanks.

  Skyver 01:53 30 Jan 2006

You could change the encryption to WPA-PSK and see if you notice any changes. To see if anyone else is using your connection click `Configure Livebox` and select Security - look for Attached Devices or similar (I used one just the other day, I can't remember the exact terms used) match the 3 numbers with your currently connected hardware. If there are more than 3, there's your answer. The Livebox is pretty safe in that it only accepts new device connections for 10 minutes after the button on the side is pressed when setting up.
Have you done any speedtests? click here
Keep a log of speeds etc with something like NetMeter
click here

  theresnogoodnamesleft 02:20 30 Jan 2006

ta for the reply. On the 'attached devices' there are only our 3 wireless cards listed, so nothing suspect there. Hopefully there's no other way for anyone to get at our connection?

I checked the connection speed yesterday morning at the adslguide site, and it showed a pretty good result of just below the average 2mb ratings. On the other hand, checks at other times have shown our speed to be as slow as dual isdn connections.

Just checked and it's currently a fair bit slower than a DSL 0.5Mbps connection (downstream) and on par with 56k for upstream.

It's regularly as slow as this or slower, I'm guessing this shouldn't be happening?

  Skyver 02:39 30 Jan 2006

It's highly unlikely, the Livebox will just refuse connection if it's getting requests from network devices other than the ones on that list, and even then they have to be using your encryption key. Very highly unlikely your connection is being tapped.
It does sound a bit too variable to me - perhaps you could hook up one of the machines using the network cable supplied with your livebox and see if there is any improvement. This app gives an overview of internet speed (worldwide) click here
which may or may not reveal anything. Have you picked up a `phone connected to the line when the net is slow and listened for line-noise?

  theresnogoodnamesleft 03:02 30 Jan 2006

I had my laptop plugged (cable) into the livebox a few weeks ago when I moved up after xmas, and it was pretty much the same as usual, medium-slow.

It's strange because regardless of whether or not anyone else is on it, the speed you get it the same. So the connection speed when yours is the only one online is the same as when all 3 are on it.

When the connection is effectively restarted/refreshed using the 'submit' button in the livebox configuration page, the connection speed seems to go really fast for only a short period, really annoying that it won't stay fast though. Similarly, when the livebox is turned off and back on the speed will go a bit faster for a while (or stop being as slow for a while), but not to the same extent as the other method.

I haven't tried checking to see if there is line noise, so will try that later on

  Skyver 03:13 30 Jan 2006

Get NetMeter running, or a download tool with a graphic display of download speed, find a huge file to download like a Linux ISO for example (click here), reset your livebox and watch how far the speed drops and when, and if it drops to a consistent (slow) speed. You'll be seeing 240Kb/Sec if it's running at full speed. It might be worth talking to Wanadoo with the results, better than just calling up and saying `it's slow`..even though they'll go through the usual `plug the livebox into the first phone socket` stuff first.

  theresnogoodnamesleft 03:43 30 Jan 2006

Hey, thanks very much for the help, I'll try the netmeter/large file thing tomorrow as I'm currently in a zombiefied state of late night dissertation writing :D

I'll see how it goes when I try that tomorrow.

Haha, I've never seen anywhere near 240kb/s , even when adding up all of our download speeds!

  Skyver 04:16 30 Jan 2006

No problem, hope you find a solution.

  Skyver 23:00 30 Jan 2006

Just spent a while using the PC I set up the other day with Wanadoo/LiveBox - downloads from click here peaking at 60kb/s on a 2MB connection, when my own (wired) 2MB Telewest connection transfers them at 4 times the speed - I wonder how many more Wanadoo subscribers have this problem...

  DocDave 00:37 17 Feb 2006

Recently got a livebox. When using it on my own with a cable connection it was very fast. When using another PC (either wireless or cable) the speeds dropped to very slow and annoying levels.

After talking to the wanadoo help several times, each time I was assured it wasn't the livebox.

I have just bought a Netgear DG834G router to replace the livebox. Now everything runs like a dream. No noticeable slow down with 2 PCs running.

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