Wanadoo usage limits!

  Jak_1 16:13 18 Apr 2005

When is uncapped usage not uncapped usage? Answer when Wanadoo say's so! I have been on Wanadoo's uncapped 512 package (£27.99 p/month) for over 3 years now and today they sent me a snotty letter complaining that my usage is excessive! Currently over 40GB, I remained on the 512 uncapped because I am a heavy user. Uncapped meaning uncapped and without limits. I pay the same as a 1MB user with a 30GB/month cap so why are they threatening me as I am paying the same for half the speed.

Somehow I think wanadoo would lose out in a court case as they clearly state I am an 'uncapped customer' in the letter.

I pay for unlimited and expect unlimited.

  Noelg23 16:18 18 Apr 2005

well well well...now thats a first...I think thats shocking on Wanadoo's behalf...if you are an uncapped user then you should saty as that...just cos your a heavy user dont mean they should cap your download usage...I am on Telewest and am a heavy user...I use to be with a company called Central Point and even then I was a heavy user, I must have been downloading well over 40GB each month and not them nor Telewest have said anything and I know alot of people who are with the likes of BT and AOL and are heavier users than me and dont get told they are being capped..if I were you I would reply to their letter and threaten them to say you will go elsewhere and see what they say to that..after all you have been with them for 3 years so I am sure they wouldnt wana lose one of their valuable customers...

  Jak_1 16:20 18 Apr 2005

I think I will email them with a snotty reply.

  Luthien 16:23 18 Apr 2005

I joined Wanadoo about four months ago on £17.99 with (I think) a 1GB limit. For three months in a row I downloaded 10-15GBs each month and didn't hear a squeak from them, though I expected to. Seems odd. I would certainly go with Noelg23's advice and complain (but don't mention me!!)

  Noelg23 16:30 18 Apr 2005

well then maybe they should consider increasing their bandwidth cos if other ISPs have no problem with this then what are Wanadoo playing at as an ISP? I am sorry but I think its ludicrous that they do that...just cos one person (or however many) are heavy users they think they can reduce their usage limit...sorry but if that was me then I would simply move to another ISP without a second thought.

  gudgulf 16:34 18 Apr 2005

I copied this from the bottom of crx1600's link

" These pages were revised 31 March 2005 and are subject to copyright
© Wanadoo UK plc. Version 1.1"

It might be that Wanadoo are doing what Tiscali are good at doing.Changing the terms and conditions without notification so that the first you know of it is a nasty letter.It seems that uncapped now is effectively defined as 30GB per month by Wanadoo.

  Granger 16:36 18 Apr 2005

Like Luthien I joined the same scheme, because I read somewhere that Wanadoo had not yet implemented their own limit. I've been happily downloading lots as well, not been told off yet!

  Jak_1 16:37 18 Apr 2005

Uncapped = unlimited, anything other ie fair useage limit setting means capped!

I pay for uncapped and expect uncapped; so it would seem to me that Wanadoo are guilty of misrepresentation and giving a false statement under the terms of 'The Trades description Act'.

As a Loyal customer for so long I do not expect to be treated in this manner.

  Noelg23 16:41 18 Apr 2005

I agree with you Jak...if they suddenly decide to change their Ts&Cs then they should pre-warn their customers...but no they send out harsh letters instead which no doubt will spark an uproar and alot of customers leaving Wanadoo...

  [email protected]@ 16:45 18 Apr 2005

This is all getting out of hand.

When I first started to use B.T Openworld dial-up it was an uncapped service.Then when broadband came along dial-up started to be a capped service and if you wanted unlimited then broadband was what you needed all the ISP's claimed.

Now we are starting to see limits on broadband with the miserable excuse of *excessive use*.Believe me it's just another way to get more money out of us all,or am I alone to think such cynical things.:o)

  SANTOS7 16:50 18 Apr 2005

. Changes to the Wanadoo Service
6.1 We may alter and/or amend the Wanadoo Service at any time without giving notice to you.
click here

statement taken from link

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