Wanadoo now orange and leaving them problem

  Killo Bite 14:06 01 Jul 2007

Friend got MAC No on 14th june, to pass onto Sky BB. Sky have called back twice to advise they have been unable to take over the line becuase Wanadoo now orange will not let the connection go.

Friend contacted Orange and was told they will in 30 days! erh problem is mac no last for 30 day request for mac was 14th june so over a barrel how to get them to get of the line.


  Killo Bite 14:13 01 Jul 2007

Wanadoo said (as I was at friends) was You did not request to cancel the service this is why it takes 30 days Derr urhhhh they also say they will take another payment end of july

To me if you cancel then they leave the marker on the line and its difficult and if you dont say cancel then your still goosed.

  anskyber 14:32 01 Jul 2007

You can ask for a MAC but there is no assumed decision you wish to cancel. If you wish to MAC and Cancel then Orange must be told at the time.

I left Orange some time ago but had an earlier MAC that I did not act upon. ( I decided to stay a little longer)

  Killo Bite 14:44 01 Jul 2007

He did actually say he wanted to leave them, just the wanadoo/Orange end did not note this so what I am trying to say is its a admin error on their part.

  anskyber 14:52 01 Jul 2007

I see, yes, I left because of a range of "admin errors".

  tonynoarm 17:42 01 Jul 2007

I had problems when I left Orange for Talk Talk. I go a MAC code easily enough, but it took Orange 3 to 4 months to remove the 'marker' of my BT line. Only Orange could remove the marker and they promised it would be removed within 2 weeks time and time again. This was about 12 months ago. I contacted Ofcom (get the number from their website) but at that time they could not do anything for me as no regulations were in place. However regulations were introduced earlier this year so I suggest you contact Ofcom to see if they can help. Not to be beaten by Orange I got around the problem by getting cable broadband as that does not use the BT line where companies like Orange can put a marker on it which prevents you changing broadband provider until the current provider remove their marker from your phone line. I still pursued the matter with Orange to get the marker removed as I may want anoher provider over my BT line in the future. As I say they eventually obliged some 4 months later. I also discovered that Orange only put the marker on the line AFTER I informed them I was going to change provider, (BT provided me with the date it was placed), so they just wanted to be absolute Barstewards. I will not use any Orange service again - their loss not mine. Good luck

  Killo Bite 22:18 01 Jul 2007

after nearly an hour. My friend also had a official letter from orange he didn't tell me about dated 14 june stating "sorry to hear you are leaving us" er this confirms they understand we wanted to leave them.

Ok, so now they were going to close the account in 6 weeks inc marker removal but have now got it down to 10 days. They admit their error but it was a long process to get them to own up to their admin error.

If after 10 days the marker is still their then I will contact Bt wholesale to get the marker off as they Orange, would have then failed to remove it.

Will leave post open till 15 july.

Any one no of any problems with Orange Pay as U go services while waiting. Are they just as poor ?

  tonynoarm 21:29 02 Jul 2007

Been there done that several times!!They promised hey would remove the marker and then failed to do so. Hopefully they will carry out their promise, but keep a note of who you speak to and when and what was said, as if you need to escalate the issue Orange will not allow you to unless they have given you two or three revised dates to remove the marker. BT Wholesale cannot do a thing for you - it is Orange who remove the marker (or TAG as it can be called) not them - all BT Wholesale can do is confirm that they have been notified by Orange that the marker will be removed. 10 days is what Orange quote to remove the marker - if it isn't done, when you complain it will be 10 days again! Trust me, been through it all - good luck keep me updated.

  man of steel11 01:31 03 Jul 2007

I had problems with orange..told them i wanted to cancel first though..wrong thing to do..always ask for the mac code first..then cancel,then after switching to sky..orange took another payment,then...kindly placed it back into my account..now..2 months on..they say..we havnt heard from you about your none payment ..so if payment is not made..it will go to court...bring it on orange..lol

  tonynoarm 17:07 03 Jul 2007

MOS: you may have been lucky - it sounds as if Orange did not put a 'marker' on your line, which allowed Sky to then provide you with the broadband service, or Orange very kindly (and unusually!!) removed the marker when you told them you were cancelling your contract. For others: A MAC code will not achieve anything if the provider does not remove the marker from the line - the marker is a kind of identity which is unique to the company who put it on the line and only they can remove it whether you have a MAC code or not.

  tonynoarm 21:47 03 Jul 2007

Try this Pipex webpage which allows them to check was speed broadband they can offer you - if there is a marker on the line it will give you some type of message regarding an incompatible device (or something like that) - meaning they have not got assess to your line to provide their service.

click here

Not sure how you make the above into a link - can anybody advise please?

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