Wanadoo Livebox problems-anybody???

  Jonny H 18:40 07 May 2006

I have in the last week changed to Wireless and Talk with Wanadoo from standard broadband via Speedtouch connection.

1.I now cannot get my second pc to work via the port on the side of the livebox,using parallel cable that was in the back of the main pc originally and worked well.They told me it was down to the ZA firewall in the second PC,but I removed it.

2.Zone Alarm refuses to load up again on main PC after Wanadoo tech.help asked me to remove it temporarily because of a previous problem.

3.I still have not been connected for my free phone calls as advertised.

Is it OK to leave ZA off main PC as the L/box has a firewall?How do I get second PC back on net(Windows 98SE)?If I buy a W/doo wireless adapter for second pc will that be any better...?Failing everything else how do I cancel my Wanadoo contract????Paid £20 for Livebox for worse set up at moment.

  ade.h 20:04 07 May 2006

"Is it OK to leave ZA off on the main PC as the L/box has a firewall?"

Yes, but hardware and client firewalls have different remits, so don't get confused between the two. Apart from inbound SPI, they are very different.

By "Wanadoo asked me to remove it..." do you mean that you actually uninstalled it? It would have been better to disable it. If you have persisent problems with it as a result of this and can no longer get it to work, then perhaps the removal or reinstallation did not go to plan. I would consider using an alternative, such as the excellent Kerio, but if any part of ZA's engine has been left behind.... it may cause conflict. A thorough cleanup operation may be required.

  Vern 22:13 07 May 2006

I changed to Wanadoo Wireless & Talk last week too and this was my experience.

I set everything up as per instruction book (Main computer using Wanadoo USB wireless adaptor) but it would not connect; window showing 'Aquiring address' and proceeding no further.

After 1 hour speaking with a gentleman in India, I uninstalled my disabled 'Panda Antivirus' and on rebooting I connected straight away.

I 'logged on' to activate the 'Talk' service and my Wireless & Talk window stated 'You will recieve an email in 24 hours'. Well, this never happened, so I phoned Broadband Customer Support and they activated my 'Livebox phone' within 1/2 an hour.

On my 2nd and 3rd computers I installed Belkin USB Network Adaptors with no trouble at all after uninstalling the 'Panda Antivirus' software.

I don't know if this is any help to you, but good luck anyway.

  Jonny H 08:54 08 May 2006

I will try Kerio,yes they instructed me to remove ZA,and may resort to a USB network adapter for 2nd pc.Were the Belkin adapters wireless or for a cable?What settings do I need to put in my second pc to link to the Livebox direct-I have already loaded up their disc to supposedly connect via a cable and although the ping test was positive still no joy?The Livebox IP is second comp is was using CCProxy(proxy server)originally installed on host pc to link client up,and the default setting for that was,but it no longer works.I am confused about the IP addresses;I'm not sure if the host pc Ip has been changed by Livebox when setting itself up.How do I set the Ip in 2nd pc up correctly to link to the Livebox in theory?

  mgmcc 09:38 08 May 2006

<<< The Livebox IP is second comp is >>>

The two are in different subnets (IP address ranges) and will be unable to communicate. If the Livebox has the address, then the first three parts of the PC's IP address must also be "192.168.1", with the last part being different (any number between 2 and 254).

Normally the PC's network adapter would be configured to get its IP address automatically and the router's DHCP server would allocate an address in the correct range.

  Vern 10:01 08 May 2006

The Belkin Adaptors are Wireless.
Install using the Belkin installation Disc.
Only the Wanadoo 'WEP KEY' numbers are required.
It will seek out the available routers; in my case there was only my Wanadoo XXX (Livebox).
It will 'Aquire address' automatically.
It was an easy installation for me (A rooky)

All three computers are connected with Wireless Adaptors; 1 Wandoo, 2 Belkin.

  Jonny H 13:02 08 May 2006

I have tried to change the 2nd pc's IP address manually to,but still no joy.The Livebox tells me the host computer is,not the Livebox.It also tells me under 'network' that 'enable DHCP server=1,LAN IP address=,broadcast LAN IP address=,subnet mask,DHCP start address=,DHCP end address= says I have a red ethernet interface,so it is recognising the cable in its port leading to the no2 pc.Struggling still.My internet connection wizard does not work on no2 pc so have to do it manually?

  Jonny H 14:06 08 May 2006

As an alternative I have taken out the cable from the Livebox and plugged the parallel Cat 5 cable into the port used before the arrival of the Livebox on the back of the host PC again.It says it has limited or no connectivity,despite the client being on,and worryingly gives an IP address of,subnet mask for the LAN connection.Is it possible to still use the cable this way rather than the Livebox,with the host running on wireless from the Livebox?How do I rectify this disparity in the LAN connection IP address compared to the other pc's( and previously altered to

  Jonny H 16:21 08 May 2006

I'm not giving up just yet(before I go wireless...or will that be any better if I don't get the address issue right?)!I have installed WinRoute Lite,a proxy server as recommended on the windowsnetworking .com site.Still no joy having followed all the instructions.I still have a conflict in that my LAN connection still shows as a 169. number compared to for instance my client pc's run>winipcfg>IP Configuration info,which states host info 'DNS SErvers Type Broadcast.Ethernet Adapter Info....ip address Mask Default Gateway DHCP Server have this information,but please can I have an interpretation and more guidance?I also pinged from client pc and no joy,but pings the...0.57 number fine.Firewalls on both pc's are off/removed at the moment,but have Livebox firewall on.Cable is in the back of the PC.Host computer is!!!

  Jonny H 10:06 09 May 2006

Have now linked to 2nd pc via cable into Livebox port.It was an IP address issue with the second pc.I put in run winipcfg(it is Win 98se)and this brings up IP Configuration.The ethernet adapter details show,put in 'release' and 'renew' and bingo,it had allotted a new IP address.Connected again via Internet Explorer and fine on that;however Firefox,which I prefer,is not working.But smaller problem now.Thanks for the help anyway.There appears to be only so much Wanadoo phone help can do for you,cost me a fortune in calls and not the solution I arrived at.

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