Wanadoo livebox 12007 issues

  awest3 12:31 19 Feb 2008

My cousin bought a laptop and Wanadoo broadband over a year ago, (I can almost hear you already "dump them and go to a proper ISP" and I agree). However I wouild like to try to get to the bottom of this if possible. He never got the broadband working, now he would like to use it. I had all sorts of problems, even trying to re-install the CD would not get past the first page. The Laptop connects perfectly to the internet using my netgear wireless router connection but will not using the livebox either connected via ethernet or via wireless. I have looked at various forums and these boxes appear to be a bit of a joke...probably ok when they work first time but not so good if you get problems. Anyway the box picks up the ISP addresses ok but will not talk to the internet..I've looked at the box config file but can see nothing wrong...using the IE network diagnostics I seem to be getting an HTTP error 12007 'the server name or address could not be resolved'(click here amongst others). Having looked on the net it seems to be a DSN type error but none of the suggested solutions has helped me...
The laptop is a Packard Bell running windows HE at SP2 level..all MS updates applied.
Any help as usual gratefully accepted.

  crosstrainer 12:45 19 Feb 2008

If you have seen this, but might be worth a look to see if anything helps:
click here

As you say, these things have been slated til people are blue in the face!

  awest3 13:04 19 Feb 2008

thanks for that..will give it a go

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:35 19 Feb 2008

1. reset the box to factory settings

2. on pc check in services.msc that:
DHCP client
DNS client
TCP/IP and
wireless zero configuration
are set to automatic and are started.

3. Ethernet connection is working on PC
and software firewall is off

4. connect by wire and put click here into browser window you should connect to the configuration page on the livebox - check livebox firewall is on. insert username and password in live box.

Can you connect to wanadoo now?

  laurie53 20:01 19 Feb 2008

Assume you are only trying to connect to Orange?

Don't forget that when these things first came out, i.e. in Wanadoo's time they were only on loan, and remained the property of the ISP. May still be the case for all I know.

Could be these early ones are somehow limited to Wanadoo/Orange only.

Only had one problem with mine, through 3 desktops, two laptops, one printer and two PDAs, over several years, and that was quickly sorted out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:52 19 Feb 2008

Yes a livebox will only connect to Orange ISP on their BB enabled lines.

The box can be modified to use with other ISPs but it is the propety of Orange an its more trouble than its worth.

  awest3 09:32 20 Feb 2008

Hi Thanks for these suggestions. I will try them. It will take a few days as I have to go to my cousins to do the work.

  awest3 20:40 02 Apr 2008

Never did get this to work..my cousin cancelled his account and bought one of these 3 phone dongles..£10 a month for upto 1 gig download..pay more get more....he bought a phone at the same time and negotiated 3gig for his £10 a month. eighteen month contract

thanks for your help with this.

  awest3 20:44 02 Apr 2008

sorry forgot to say that he cancelled the account before I could give fruitbats suggestion a try...in a fit of pique he threw the live box at the wall...screaming 'if they want it they can come and get it'....life! it just gets betterer and betterer..


  Jak_1 21:28 02 Apr 2008

All I did to get my Livebox to work was to alk to a friendly techie at Orange, and in an English helpdesk too. Had me up and running in under 5 minutes. Not had a problem since.

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