Wanadoo email sudden failure

  naggis 09:55 30 Jun 2006

For the last few days I have not been able to send or receive email via Wanadoo. I use xp and Outlook Express and have checked all the relevant settings. Have also talked to a nice Indian gentleman who could not solve the problem despite walking me through all the checks again.
I seem to remember that there was a similar glitch when Freeserve changed to Wanadoo. Has the change to Orange caused a problem again? My email address is a Freeserve one - fsnet.
Can anyone throw any light on this problem before I start looking for another ISP?

  johnnyrocker 10:02 30 Jun 2006

check again with them your incoming and outgoing servers might have changed, have you checked your connection details? what happens if you check via webmail on their site?


  Robbiecollie 10:10 30 Jun 2006

Hi Naggis,if you access the internet via an other isp you are locked out every 90 days your problem can be solved by visiting the wanadoo web site and down loading the any time dial up settings make a system restore point before doing so other wise you will get wanadoo branding on outlook express so after downloading the settings just restore to previous point hope this cures your problem

  naggis 10:54 30 Jun 2006

Thanks guys. I will give these ideas a go and see if it solves the problem

  docrog 16:37 05 Jul 2006

Hi naggis, I am experiencing exactly the same sending and receiving problems with my Freeserve emails. My Outlook Express stopped working sometime between 23 and 30 June while I was on holiday. It gives an error number 0x8000CCC0F, although Account, Server, Protocol and Port are all correct. I contacted the Orange helpline, who sent me an email (which I read using Webmail on the Orange website), but having tried everything they suggested, I am no further forward. I am thinking of setting up with a new free email provider while sticking with Orange broadband as my main isp, but would welcome any feedback if anyone has solved this problem.

  Daiol 16:52 05 Jul 2006

The problem that you have is down to a windows update that you downloaded during the dates you stated,I'm sure if you make a system restore to a date before you had the prob you might find that it will fix your prob.It worked for me,have a go you got nothing to loose go for it.all the best. daiol.

  docrog 18:30 05 Jul 2006

Thanks Daiol, I did a system restore as you suggested, but it said there had been no change to my computer since my last store point on 22 June. I'll remember system restore for future problems, though. As it happens, I have subsequently solved the original problem by uninstalling, then re-installing, new antivirus software I loaded shortly before my holiday. This may or may not have been the original cause of the problem, but the solution worked for me. Sorry to hijack your original query, naggis, but maybe my experience can help you.

  naggis 16:12 07 Jul 2006

Hi docrog - glad you could add to the situation.
I eventually had to take the pc to an expert who told me that he averaged 3 people per week with this problem.
It is the same problem that occured when Freeserve became Wanadoo. Apparently changes are partly made but not fully sorted. We found that for the last year or more Wanadoo had been putting what it considered to be spam emails in a folder without telling me. Eventually the number exceeded the limit of 1000 yes 1000 emails! Once I got onto the website and logged into my account I could delete all of these which allowed me to receive emails again.
What are wanadoo/orange thinking about? I will change my ISP like right away - that way I might get free of this disaster eventually.

  anskyber 16:29 07 Jul 2006

I left Wanadoo in April and never looked back.

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