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  Thomo1 23:37 03 Feb 2005

Can any1 whp uses Wanadoo E-Mail please help me???

When i write a long e-mail my connection** times out. When i go to click on send it tells me i have to log in to Wanadoo E-Mail again.

When i log on i lose the mail i have just written and when i click back its lost too.

The time out normally cuts in at about 10 minutes.

Can i turn this off as its most annoying when ive spend 20 or so minutes writing an important e-mail and it gets lost when i try to send it cuz of the auto time out setting.

  Completealias 00:25 04 Feb 2005

Have experienced the same prob and I just choose to set up my wannado mail account with outlook express that way theres no time out. Nxt time i'm in the options i'll see if theres a way to sort it out

  Thomo1 00:54 04 Feb 2005

ive never used outlook. Is it good???

Ive always gone direct through the Wanadoo homepage!!

Is it worth merging my Wanadoo account into OE??

  gel 07:23 04 Feb 2005

Just a thought-write your email in 'note book' or some other similar writing prog.
Go to Wanadoo e-mail copy and paste your message.

  gel 14:40 04 Feb 2005

I mainly use Outlook express because you can work off line for big emails. But I do leave a copy on the server ie Wanadoo just in case I have deleted a message on outlook express by mistake. Then about once a week I delete the weeks messages from Wanadoo web mail.
If I have a problem with Out look Express I can stll use the Wanadoo web mail. It has the same email address and is often usefull sending messages to myself to check the systems

  Completealias 14:43 04 Feb 2005

I never had a prob with outlook means I can manage all my contacts offline, write my emails offline and organise them better and keep a back up. U can also set up outlook to leave a copy of the message on the web till u delete it totally from outlook that way u can still access your mail from elsewhere. Just make sure that you've got an anti-virus prog that i'll scan your incoming emails avast is free and does the job quite nicely click here

  Completealias 14:44 04 Feb 2005

If u need ahand setting it up post back and i'm sure we can help

  Thomo1 14:56 04 Feb 2005

Yes could some1 please assist me in combining my Wanadoo account to Outlook???


  Completealias 15:00 04 Feb 2005

Ok will find the settings and post them in a sec

  Completealias 15:16 04 Feb 2005

OPen outlook express then tools / accounts click on the mail tab and press add then mail. T

he internet connection wizard will then start type in your display name then next then your email address (type your wanadoo email address here) then next.

Your incoming mail server is POP3 so select this if it isn't already. Then in your incoming mail type pop.wanadoo.co.uk and in outgoing type smtp.wanadoo.co.uk then next.

Next you have to put in your accountname so thats your username with wanadoo which is something.wanadoo.co.uk and your password up to u if u want it to b remembered or not. Then next and thats it finished. You should now c your wanadoo account listed in the mail tab. Click on it and if its not got defult in brackets next to it the click set as default, then while its still highlighted click properties. Click on the connection tab and tick the box always connect to this account using and then select your internet connection from the drop down box. Then in the advanced tab down the bottom is the delievery options if u want to leave a copy of your mail on the web tick the box leave a copy of messages on server then select whether you want it deleted after so many days or when u delete messages from your deleted items which is what I do and there ya go.

If ya have any probs post back and will do my best to help gotta go out in a bit thou but will check later on

  Alan2 15:57 04 Feb 2005

I believe that when you have set up your OE account everything in the INBOX on the webmail a/c will appear in the OE inbox when you start it up but will have gone from the webmail inbox - unless you've decided to keep a copy there (but I don't know why you would need to so).

So, migrating across from the webmail a/c should just means moving emails from your other folders into the inbox.

I use this method when I'm away and for filtering emails to reduce the risk of viruses by deleting any odd mails from the web server.

I hope this helps.

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