Wanadoo cutting off on speedtouch dial up

  joostin 15:15 06 Jul 2004

Can someone please talk me through (in laymans terms as im new to this) what to check because all of a sudden my connection just cuts off its been ok since may why has this started

  Old Shep 15:35 06 Jul 2004

I would bear with it and don't panic for the moment. I am with Wanadoo (Freeserve) and it has gone downhill since they took over. Just lately I have experienced the same problem cuts me off for no apparant reason. I just re-connect and sometimes I stay on and other times I am booted off after about 10mins. I am sure its Wanadoo's problem and nothing to do with your end.

  ened 17:16 06 Jul 2004

I agree with Old Shep.
The thing to remember with Freeserve has always been: if you have changed nothing in your computer but suddenly have a problem it is almost certainly their end and will (miraculously) come right.
They will rarely admit it and it cheeses me off when I think of the time I used to waste checking things out. A cynic might suggest it is a ploy to get people calling their premium rate numbers - I couldn't possibly comment!

  Old Shep 20:07 06 Jul 2004

You are a cynic it's only £1 a minute to tell you a load of rubbish. You skint or what!!!

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