wanadoo broadband usb power

  russmini 18:54 09 Jan 2005

Seem to be having a bit of a problem with modem and think it is down to the power, does anybody know what amount of power a wanadoo modem ( speedtouch ) takes to work.


  Totally-braindead 19:29 09 Jan 2005

Must admit I don't know but unless you have a lot of other devices connected to it that use a fair bit of the power its unlikely to be the problem. Try disconnecting all other USB devices and see what happens. If you are really sure this is the problem then the solution would be to buy an external USB hub which is powered. About £15.

  Totally-braindead 19:47 09 Jan 2005

Interesting, didn't know you could do that, mine says 500ma available per hub and the USB for my BB router is using 400ma.

  chugby 20:00 09 Jan 2005

Not sure what problems you have but I had issues with speedtouch modem last year and in the end put it down to VIA motherboard usb power problem.
See thread click here

  VCR97 20:02 09 Jan 2005

The user manual doesn't state the current requirement. It just says that you should make sure that you don't have a low-power USB port. My system has 500mA per port and the modem is happy. If you have low-power ports you'll need a powered hub as suggested above.

  greenlamp 21:49 09 Jan 2005

From past experience it's not just the power that is significant, if there are a number of add-on boards then although the power draw on the usb port may be within limits then the total draw on the power supply may be too high. In my case whenever I used my zip drive[on the other root hub] the internet connection dropped out. Use of a powered hub cured the problem.

  russmini 18:22 10 Jan 2005

Thanks guys, you all pretty much agree with me on power, did go on thier website last night but nothing on there.

Basically problem is, when attached and switch comp on, gets to blue win 98 screen and just sits there forever, unplug modem and carries on booting up. Take modem out and switch on and all is fine. Switch on till desktop then plug modem in and all fine, so just happens when it is allready plugged in so i was just wondering whether my poor old comp just did not have the get up and go for modem initially. Oh and yes only thing thats plugged into usb ports is modem.


  JIM 18:49 10 Jan 2005

I go along with what's been said but as a matter of interest does your system DRAM run at 133Mhz with option to drop to 100Mhz? (Your CPU running at 100Mhz)

  russmini 19:09 10 Jan 2005

Without answering your reply, not sure i get what you mean, DRAM = Memory ?, CPU = Procesor ?. Why would both run the same Mhz and you suggest they are connected in some way ?
Could be just the way you have worded your reply.

Yes i am thick !

Why would this matter ?

Thanks again..

  JIM 19:35 10 Jan 2005

Would be seen normaly at bootup or in your m/board manual bios setup but,

I suppose i should have added the word "Frequency" to Dram and also frequency to CPU.

I would not know if what i asked was connected to your particular system as,all i know is your running win98.I was trying to save on a long bit of typing so sorry to have confused you.

If your system was having problems usb wise as you say and dram and cpu frequency were as i mention with a particular board and chipset i may have had a solution for you. Missing out the word frequency appears to have been a mistake in this case.

Your not thick, it does matter i missed out a word.Lazy i suppose.

Thanks for the reply.

  russmini 20:16 10 Jan 2005

Ok, comp is old, it is running win98, 256Mhz and pentium 233 mmx cpu, !! God damn old, but still working and going strong (ish).

Chipset, not sure,

Mobo is pc partner i430tx

Where to now ?

Thanks again..

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