Wanadoo Broadband - "Easy Set-Up Guide"

  Blott 15:35 28 Jul 2005

Am about to convert to broadband.

Having asked Wanadoo to do this, they sent me an e-mail advising that I would be sent a connection kit and which (in part ) reads " .....each box contains an Easy Set Up Guide ....."

So the box arrived. It contains a strange shaped object (which I take to be the modem), two things labelled filters, and a CD.
But NO easy set up guide !!

I telephoned their help line ( technical ) who advised that packaging, despatch etc are handled by customer services, to which department they transfered me. However, customer services advised that the Easy Set Up Guide had not been sent out in the boxes for some many months. They did not know why - but suggested I get in touch with the help line (technical).!!!!

So, I eventually found a query contact box on their site and sent an e-mail detailing the above and asking what I should do next.
They replied that the start-up instructions are contained on the CD. Excellent !!!

So I put the CD into a drive and all flashed up - a really user friendly start up, a clean, focussed, clear page which would give confidence to anyone using it.
Unfortunately, the fourth item of instruction on the introductory page reads " make sure you have read the Easy Set Up Guide enclosed in the box "

Needless to say, I have replied to their e-mail accordingly, and await a reply.

Meanwhile, on this forum, has anyone got a copy of this "Easy Set Up Guide" they could scan and e-mail or put in the post ?
Would be most grateful.

Best regards to all

  Chris Webster 16:12 28 Jul 2005

Connect the filters to your phones lines, one filter is required for each line you have. Plug the modem cable into one of the filters then into the speedtouch modem. Don't plug your speedtouch modem into your computer usb port yet. Load the drivers first, then plug the modem in. Wanadoo should have emailed you a user name and password, enter those when first connecting to the net. Wanadoo says it takes about 10 days to activate your line, mine only took 3 days. You'll know when your line is activated because you'll have 2 solid green lights on your speedtouch modem.

Hope this helps you out.

Cheers, Chris.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:36 28 Jul 2005

1. check contents of package .....
(what you realy ned is CD, filters x2, modem. connection lead

2. run CD shows screen plug and surf

3. DO NOT PLUG THE MODEM INTO THE COMPUTER, click speed touch USB/330 modem follow the simple on screen prompts

4. now you can connect the modem !secondary usb ports to connect modem are not reccommended
(plug usb cable from modem direct to USB port on PC)

5. connect micro filters to each phone socet that has a phone fax modem etc.

6. plug the micro filter to the wall socket plug the device to the micro filter. Now connect one end of the telephone line cord to the dsl socket on the filter and the other to the modem. Now wait to be connected. waiting is the hardest part we will notify you when your avccount is live.

as the above post run the software , connect the filters and modem usb light will be lit ASD:L light will flash.

when ASADL light is lit and not flashhing you can connect insert user name and password as suplied by wannado and it should work ok.

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