Wanadoo broadband connection problems

  janetleng 20:21 09 Sep 2004

Installed wanadoo broadband modem some time ago but still have flashing ADSL light despite putting on the freefix patch, repair/upgrade intallation, disconnecting phone, removing firewalls and norton and intalling modem again. BT say line is OK.
Any suggestions?
Any idea if BT will test line INSIDE the house?
Would Wanadoo work via an ethernet modem?
I'm getting very fed up with it all.
What would you suggest?
How can I get back on line?

  howard60 20:37 09 Sep 2004

if the modem has an rj45 connector you could go to ethernet rather than usb. Have you checked in hardware - system that the modem is properly installed and no yellow exclamation marks?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:04 09 Sep 2004

Speed touch modem?

USB ok if left led steady green.

ADSL us if right led flashing red

BT say have activated then fault after main box to you modem

Have you attached filters to ALL you equipment including the modem? Could be a faulty filter cable or even modem.

Can you borrow a modem / filters to try?

Can you plug modem direct to main box not on extension?

  PC Eye 21:14 09 Sep 2004

There are a couple of things worth checking before getting back in touch with BT (please forgive me if I'm teaching you to suck eggs):

Having a long extension cable from the telephone socket to the PC can cause problems but an ADSL filter (should be provided by Wanadoo)should stop the problem. The filter should be fitted at the BT socket and the line to the ADSL modem from the broadband socket should be uninterupted (i.e. no splitters mid way). Make sure you do not have two filters in parallel at any point along the line. Any splitters should be from the RJ11 (normal phone) socket on the ADSL filter, and not down line to the modem.

Hope this is of use.

  BurrWalnut 14:55 10 Sep 2004

To test the BT line, unplug all telephone connections except one and dial 17070 (use prefix 1470 if your number is withheld) and test the line.

  janetleng 19:11 11 Sep 2004

Thanks for advice so far - but sadly I HAVE done all those things already! viz no extension cables used, modem corectly installed, filters used correctly, got a second modem but had same result ie one steady green USB and one flashing green ADSL.
Will try the phone number advised by Burr Walnut to check line next time I get home.
What should I do do if there is a problem somewhere between BT externall ine and socket in house?
Thank you again for replying

  Bsmyth 21:56 11 Sep 2004

I have wanadoo broadband and they sent ma a modem, which was faulty, they replaced it. You need a filter for the phone line and one for the modem. If still with a problem contact wanadoo on 0870 010 2462. They should solve it


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