wanadoo broadband 1mbps,comments!

  MAD_MIKE 00:46 18 Feb 2005

i am thinking of going for wanadoo broadband 1mbps at £17.99 per month, has anybody got good or bad comments,advice,suggestions or alternitives. go on give it to me streight.

  starlet 00:55 18 Feb 2005

I changed over about two months ago, Had only one problem but was told that it was a BT fault they had a server down came back on one hour later.
I find it very fast to what we had It does get a little slower at times, but mostly very good.

I would say go for it.


  Jak_1 01:23 18 Feb 2005

I've had wanadoo/freeserve broadband now for nearly 3 years without complaint, no hassle and never had a nasty mail saying I am spending too much time online! I am online 24/7.

I signed up for the 512 @ £27.99 p/month. The odd time I have had to contact the help line I have always got though first time and sorted within 5 minutes.

I am just hoping wanadoo respect their original customers and upgrade them.

Anyone thinking of using wanadoo I can recomend them as I have had no reason to complain about their services. But as always it is a personal choice after reviewing other isp's.

  peg leg 12:13 18 Feb 2005

Hi mad_mike,
I went onto Wanadoo 1mbps last month from their dial up service.
I run an aging computer with a processor running at 366mgz and a 3.2gb hard drive,the download speeds are absolutely amazing even with this equipment!
It all worked straight out of the box and when I plugged in the modem it was already set up and working,although they say it can take up to 8 days.
I did email their support over a difficulty I had with outlook express and they replied in a matter of 2 hours with the answer.
They'll do for me!

  SirGalahad2004 12:54 18 Feb 2005

if your broadband 12mth contract is completed and your on 512kb speed you get a free upgrade to 1mg . but you have to call them to get it. but dont forget you get a 30gig download cap.

  paul.doree 13:37 18 Feb 2005


I've had the 1 meg service for a few months now. It always connects (and at 1.1 meg), is very fast and is completely reliable. There is a 2 gig per month cap but that's not been a problem for me as I don't download loads of music/video etc.

Can't see a better deal out there at the moment


  bretsky 16:29 18 Feb 2005

I have been with W/Doo for a few months now, when I upgraded to 1Mb I was overcharged and to get £10.44 reimbursed, it took 2 heavy phone calls and a crappy letter of complaint, which all in all took 3 months, and yet my bank account was debited that day for the upgrade
When Freesevre no problems, now W/doo?????

Technically OK.
Their support have, apparently, training error issues!! So their letter said.

I have been offered a months free access to make up for the above. Haven't got my statement yet, we shall see.

I would shop around!

For other forum members, if you need to complain, here is the address to write to:

Broadband Customer Care
Wanadoo uk plc
PO Box 384

bretsky ;0(

  bretsky 16:33 18 Feb 2005

Should be, "Freeserve"

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 14:44 01 Mar 2005

Just got my on line statement, and yes you guessed it, NO 1 month's free access given and been charged for February, just got off the phone to them and the 1 months free access has been implemented today, so I Will not be charged for April!

Crap service, have to kick bottoms all the time, it will have cost me that in phone calls.

bretsky ;0)

  Granger 15:52 01 Mar 2005

I also find the modem doesn't run properly on reboot, I sometimes have to unplug and re-plug the USB connection. Then the delay while it "initialises the line".

  Migwell 16:12 01 Mar 2005

Well I get that once in a while also, & I am on tiscali so it isn't just tiscali that it happens to then?

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