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  donatello 11:21 26 Mar 2005

I am using wanadoo broadband on an extension cable from the main socket to one fixed upstairs.The problem is constant disconnections where the green light on the thompson modem can flash from 1 to 10 minutes before i can reconnect and it does this pretty often.I have spoken to the help line who say its because the extension cable has been destroyed over time by the broadband signal and i should use an RJ 11 cable,they also told me it could be adware or virus but have checked with Norton,adaware,spybot and a few other similar programmes and can find nothing.Have also tried second pc downstairs plugged straight into main socket does same thing cuts off now and again,have also noticed loud background noise on phone line in both instances. Any body else with similar,South Yorkshire area.

  Jak_1 11:36 26 Mar 2005

Sounds pretty much like the extention cable is at fault. When I first set up my BB with the then Freeserve, now Wanadoo I could get no signal whatsoever to the modem on a 25 foot extention lead. I had a dedicated socket fitted by BT and a 30 foot trailing lead from there to the modem and all is fine.
Their advice is sound, an RJ11 extention cable should sort the problem out for you. Just get one long enough. Don't for get your filters.
If you don't mind paying a little extra, BT can set everything up for you with a dedicated ADSL Socket and lead to your PC. They will also test everything to make sure it all works before they leave.
Btw, with a dedicated socket your other filters will become redundant.

The normal extention leads are fine for dialup but not good enough for ADSL.

Hope this helps.

  spuds 12:17 26 Mar 2005

If you have noticed loud background noises on your line, then get BT to do a line check.The noise could be the problem of disconnections. Check your external and internal wiring for evidence of 'kinking', and try a telephone at the main BT box then at other 'plug-ins' around the house. Have you any spare filters, if so try experimenting with some of them.

You can do your own line check, but I am not sure if BT would approve. If you want to try, do this: Phone 17070, press 2 for quiet line test. Another option is to remove the cover from the main socket and inside there should be a test point,try using that. These line test/checks should take about 20 minutes if they are done correctly, so as to throughly test the circuits.BT line checks via the operator/engineer are very quick, which can miss intermittent problems.

You could also check your exchange capacity click here

  lotvic 12:32 26 Mar 2005

"loud background noise on phone line "

that points to the filters not being installed correctly
see click here picture of setup on Techguide

  Gerryd 15:20 26 Mar 2005

I was on Freeserve (Wanadoo) dial up any time, but when Broadband came on offer I opted for a wireless setup before Wanadoo offered their own. I purchased a wireless ADSL broadband router/ modem (Belkin F5D7630UK) and a PCI wireless turbo card (US Robotics) See click here who stock many others. The router/modem plugs directly into the downstairs main socket via a filter, and the PCI card just occupies a slot in the PC. (You can also get a USB equivalent of this).
I have recently upgraded my motherboard to ASUS A8V De luxe, which includes a built in wireless router. The setup routine is very simple and I have had no problems at all with either setup. (except when the Wanadoo router goes down!!!)

Gerry D

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