Smegs 10:47 28 Apr 2004

I know they have changed, but the web site is so slow, that I can't get on. Time out. Is anyone else having this problem???

  ventanas 10:52 28 Apr 2004

Yep. Just failed to load, and I've got Broadband here.

A bit worried because I'm on Freeserve dialup at home. Does it connect ok and then fails to load the page, or is there a problem with connection? If the former just change the home page for a while. Thanks for the info.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:54 28 Apr 2004

few minutes a tad slow but on disconnect then reconnect all is fine. I think its just your cookies as Wannado is now a whole bunch of different cookie files they need to load into Ie.

But no problem as you say.

  ventanas 10:56 28 Apr 2004

Just go on by typeing www .wanadoo.com, but content takes an age. Hopefully just "teething troubles."

  Smegs 10:56 28 Apr 2004

ventanas, I'm on FSBB. God knows what your connections is going to be like at home. When I tried to connect this morning to my home page, which was FS, I got the Wanado redirect page. But that wouldn't do anything. Good luck. Take care. Shaun.

  Smegs 10:58 28 Apr 2004

ventanas, I got www. wanadoo.co.uk and not www .wanadoo.com.

  ventanas 11:01 28 Apr 2004

I had the same problem here. Redirect page did nothing, but typing wanadoo address did get me there, but no pictures or anything, just text.

I think I'll change my home page tonight before I dial up. But they may have sorted it by then. One can hope.

Thanks again.

  ventanas 11:02 28 Apr 2004

Sorry, you're right .co.uk not .com

  Smegs 11:03 28 Apr 2004

ventanas, I'm getting on the home page ok now, but the links on the home page are very slow.

  ventanas 11:12 28 Apr 2004

Smegs, Yep, seems fine now. I live in hope for tonight.

Cheers, John.

  Agent Smith 11:27 28 Apr 2004

It's 11:25. Seems Ok now. 56K dial up.

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