WAN Miniport PPPOE

  Cara2 23:03 17 Nov 2008

Following on from my earlier thread:

'wireless internet connection/windows xp/Logilink'

I am wondering if one of the issues is 'WAN miniport PPPOE'. When I try to connect this text is displayed. Should it be? What is it?


  MAJ 23:07 17 Nov 2008

Don't start multiple threads on the same subject, Cara2, it causes confusion. Please close one of the threads and keep all your reponses in the other.

  Cara2 23:48 17 Nov 2008

More information, in addition to the WAN miniport observation, on my problem below:

Have formatted my hard drive and am now demented trying to connect to the internet.

Am using Windows XP, Logilink wireless adaptor, and Orange Broadband.

Have made several calls to Orange but not yet sucessful. I have been connected via this combination previously.

Right - first of all when I put in the orange set up disc I get the message 'application not designed to run on current o/s. Connect new router and open web browser, you will be prompted for your internet details'.

I have noticed that the wireless connection is not getting the IP address - not sure if that is an issuse.

I did have problems first time round, but mananaged to set up via my lap top - can't remember how I did that though.

Sorry for long post - any help very greatly appreciated.

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