2frustrated 21:29 30 Jun 2009


I have set up remote management on my Belkin router and have managed to restart my router and change settings by typing in the WAN IP.

My problem however is that everytime I restart my router remotely, the WAN IP changes.

Do I just need to set up a static ip address to solve this?

Thanks for you help

  recap 21:49 30 Jun 2009

Your IP address is generally a dynamic address unless you purchase a static one from your ISP.

  Tech Guy 23:23 30 Jun 2009

If you need/want to enter your router via a WAN, you need a statuc IP, if you don't want to pay for one or your ISP won't give you one you can use Dynamic DNS.

Once setup on your router and you have set up a dynamic DNS account: when you get a new dynamic ip it tells your dynamic DNS server your new IP address so you just have to use the name you have choosen. e.g.
click here.

You can run web servers and game servers like this too.

Check out:

click here

click here

This was the first listed in google NOT recommending it.

  dawood 15:32 02 Jul 2009

You can also check out this free way to create dynamic DNS article click here to help you more.

  2frustrated 22:04 02 Jul 2009

Thanks guys for all the help

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