Waking up and Shutting down

  stevenansell 17:33 24 Mar 2003

I have a network of two computers so that i can share a broadband connection (one has the cable modem, the other shares it using XP internet sharing).

I have recently discovered the Wake-On-LAN feature of PC's that have compatible NICS and motherboards. It is quite a good feature to be able to fire up the other PC before i get to it.

At first i used a little program that you type in relevant details then it wakes the PC. Then i found you could use the command line so that i could use the dos prompt or better still make a windows shortcut.

This is all woking perfectly, but now i would like to consider shuting down remotely. I also recently started using the Remot Desktop Connection software in WinXP so that i can access the other PC. I thought shutting down would be a simple matter of using that, but when accesing the PC remotely the usual power options are unavailable.

Instead i aquired an XP version of the shutdown.exe program that using the right switches i could make a windows shortcut, put it on the other PC's desktop so that when i use Remote Desktop Connection i can click it and shutdown.

This long post is actually going somewhere. I would like to escape using the Remote Desktop software in order to shutdown.

The original shutdown.exe program in XP has a switch that goes like this "shutdown.exe -m \\computername" but for some reason this program doesnt work in XP so some person has made a working XP version.

But unfortunatly this XP version doesnt have the above switch to shutdown a network PC.

Can anyone help, its good to have a "Start PC" shortcut on the desktop, and it would be great if i could acompany it by a "Shutdown PC" shortcut.

Steven A.

  powerless 17:55 24 Mar 2003

On the other computer...

Right Click desktop > New > Shorcut > Copy and paste:

C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe -s

Into the "type the location of the item:"...



"shutdown" shortcut on desktop, when clicked computer will start a 30 second countdown to shutdown.

Place the shortcut anywhere you like.

It may work it may not...

  stevenansell 17:59 24 Mar 2003

Nope that shutsdown the PC i am working on. I want to be able to shutdown another PC on the network

  powerless 18:52 24 Mar 2003

I found this click here

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