WAG54GS Connection problem

  essenby 12:54 26 May 2006

This issue has been raised once before (here - click here) but the solution was either never posted or never found. I sincerely hope it's the former!

Basiccaly, I connect everything up and run the setup program from the CD entering all the right values but when it comes to saving the setting at the end I get "Unable to detect internet connection" error message.

If I connect direct to the web interface and enter all the parameters manually, the Status page of the interface continuously shows the ADSL interface as "Down", even after clicking on "Connect"

On initial switch on the DSL light does not eventually settle down to a steady state, but gor through a cycle of flashing. (for about 8-10 secs) steady ON, (for about 3-4 secs) Off, for about 10 secs) then starts flashing again. This will carry on idefinitley.

Now the real painful bit. If I unplug the cable from the ADSL socket from the back of the router, and plug it into my trusty old Speedtouch frog - bingo - perfect internet connection.

PLEASE _ Someone tell me they've seen this and know what the issue is?

  ade.h 16:02 26 May 2006

I experienced the "cycling" thing just once a little while ago (not with a Linksys) but it cleared up after a short while and has not returned. I put it down to a first thing in the morning boot up, whereby the ADSL line took a while to get established. Presumably, you have had this going on for longer than I did.

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