Wacom Tablet Problem

  ventanas 21:32 12 Mar 2008

I've had this issue for more than 6 months, and have even returned the tablet to Wacom in Germany, and have had it returned with no fault found.
The tablet is an Intuos3 wide, and was bought to replace an ageing Graphire 2. But it has never started up, although the eraser end works fine, the nib is completely dead.
I have discovered however that if I boot the machine with the Graphire connected (they use the same driver and the Graphire has no problems at all), and then unplug said Graphire and connect the Intuos to the same USB port it works fine. So this is what I am doing. Not ideal reaching down behind the machine every time I switch it on, but it does work.
I'm reluctant to update the driver in case I lose this method altogether.
Just wondered if anyone has any ideas as Wacom have none.

  ventanas 21:35 12 Mar 2008

Sorry, I should have stated, running Vista Home Premium.

  ventanas 08:42 14 Mar 2008

^ Just in case

  €dstowe 08:47 14 Mar 2008

How odd!!

Have you tried it in a different machine?

  Diemmess 09:10 14 Mar 2008

Sympathise with fear of losing the present method as well, so how about a more ponderous fail-safe approach.

If you have Acronis, you can backup the present system, tinker with new drivers and restore the backup once more if the new drivers don't come up with the goods?

  ventanas 09:56 14 Mar 2008

Yes I have, and it behaves just the same. I used a machine here in the office (which also has a Graphire connected to it)

Diemmess, Yes I do have Acronis. I may give that a try, thank you.

I'm beginning to wonder if the common denominator here is the Graphire. I think I need to try it in a machine that has never had a tablet connected.
I have a Vista laptop at home which is playing up a bit, so I'm going to wipe it over the weekend and reinstall Windows. I will connect the Intuos when it's finished the reinstall and see what happens.

  ventanas 13:35 17 Mar 2008

OK, wiped the laptop and reinstalled Vista. Installed Intuos with latest driver. No difference, still got a dead nib. So brought it into the office and installed it to a diferent machine running XP Pro. Sill no difference. So have now contacted Wacom with a demand that they exchange it.

  €dstowe 22:16 20 Mar 2008

Something that's just occurred to me - are you certain you are using the correct stylus/nib?

I've found that these aren't necessarily interchangeable between models and as you have two tablets (Graphire and Intuos) ensure that the correct stylus for the model is being used.

  ventanas 22:58 20 Mar 2008

They are completely distinctive, so no chance of picking up the wrong one. The Intuos pen is much larger.
Thanks for the thought though. Wacom have agreed to change the pen, but I have nagging feeling this problem is driver related. But on three machines???

  ventanas 22:41 01 May 2008

I seem to have finally got to the bottom of this, after things began to get a lot worse in other areas. Found out really by accident that this and the other problems that were beginning to appear were caused by a faulty wireless keyboard sending out erroneous signals.

Thanks for the interest.
I never did send the pen back, just as well now.

  ventanas 22:48 01 May 2008

Of course this doesn't explain why it didn't work on other machines, but I don't care now.

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