Wacom Intuos preferences

  Diemmess 10:55 26 Jan 2007

Have just treated myself to an Intuos 3 A6 tablet.
It is up, running and doing all that I hoped it would so much better than my original 9 year old Pen Partner.

Just one snag.
I ordered and paid for (Amazon) the standard A6 size, which has a mouse as part of the kit, but received an A6 Wide which should cost slightly more but does not include the mouse.

I didn't want the mouse anyway, because I am not used to a mouse/tablet arrangement so my question is:-

Is a slightly larger working area to be preferred even though the aspect ratio is different? .

To fuss with Amazon now seems pointless if I am better off accepting the order as delivered. The cost difference is minimal. I could buy a Wacom mouse in the future if I then decided I needed it.

  €dstowe 14:23 26 Jan 2007

I'm left handed and I use the Wacom tablet in my left hand and my conventional mouse in my right - though not at the same time. Never been able to get on with the Wacom tablet/mouse combinations.

  Diemmess 14:45 26 Jan 2007

No need to expect bother from unmatched format then?
i.e. 4:3 monitor with a widescreen tablet, I assume there is no problem.

Equally the absence of a Wacom mouse simplifies things for my sort of experience and use, "better the devil I know."

All in all, rather than stir things with Amazon. I should just accept what I have?

  €dstowe 14:55 26 Jan 2007

The only time I look at the tablet is when I'm tracing from a paper original - which is rare. All other times, I'm looking at the screen and haven't a clue where the stylus is in relation to the pad - although I do know it is approximately in the same relative position, pad to screen.

Regarding the Wacom mouse, it may be that it's because I can't use the mouse properly in my left hand and it's too much of a fag to swap the tablet to the other side of the keyboard and desk.

Bit of advice - did you get some spare stylus tips? If you did (they aren't always supplied) put them in a safe place and remember where that is. It will be a long time before you need them and being so tiny, they're easily lost.

  €dstowe 14:58 26 Jan 2007

Oh, if you're happy with the way the tablet works for you, I wouldn't stir things.

If you send it back, they could only sell it on as a used item so, they're not losing anything - even if it was more expensive originally.

  Diemmess 16:11 26 Jan 2007

Thank you for all your personal comments as well.

Unlike you who have to do this for a living, I bought a Windows capable PC in retirement and developed a pleasure in graphical fiddling with an early version of CorelDrw version 2 or thereabouts.
It was a reviewer at the time who said he had a list of "things to do" while Corel Draw was printing! I think I upgraded to 2Mb of Ram at that point - Technomatic £85.78 inc VAT and Postage.

Being left handed at birth and forced to use my right hand had the result that my handwriting is execrable, but I can house paint with either hand.
Must try to see how I get on with the tablet on my left.

Oh, those spare nibs? Yes they are already in a safe place, but I still have some from my very first tablet. Its weak point and its nuisance was to have a lead between the tablet and the pen which needed micro soldering when it broke inevitably at the tablet end.

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