Wacom is 'elbowed out' during start-up.

  9611T 19:00 02 Jun 2003

I have a new QBC computer and my WACOM UD-0608-R tablet and pen will not work on it.
When I switch on, the WACOM icon appears and I can swizzle the arrow or egg-timer about the screen, but by the time Windows '98SE is ready for the session, the pen and tablet have ceased to work.
All the hardware I use now, I used on my aged DELL. The only different item is the modem.
I'm out of patience with being told to 'download up-to-date drivers from the net,' because now I have them all, and still the WACOM gets pushed off the perch first thing.
This WACOM does work in a friend's non QBC P4(2.0Gh) machine built since Easter, so it ain't obsolete!
Any ideas? Try not to mention 'up-to-date-drivers'...

  -pops- 19:07 02 Jun 2003

Is the Wacom installed correctly?

If it is USB, there is a set procedure to go through otherwise it doesn't function properly with any drivers, old ones, new ones or even updated ones. It is the same, possibly moreso, with a serial connected device as the connections are that much more complex.

I recall having loads of problems installing my first (serial) Wacom.


  Diemmess 19:46 02 Jun 2003

Can only agree with -pops- ..... By coincidence I installed my old Wacom pen (serial port, not USB)on a recent Win98se only this afternoon.

The installation procedure offered USB or Serial and then either say which com. port or let the program find it.

I opted for this one because I know my modem is Com4 and sure enough the tablet was installed on Com1

You say you havechanged the Modem. From my experience the Modem and Sound card have always been the most awkward, unforgiving and downright ockard things to install.

I suggest you uninstall the tablet, reboot and wait until Windows asks for the software, feed it your CD - and see what that does!

  9611T 10:58 03 Jun 2003

Thanks to -pops- and Diemmess.
At least I have a partial solution now. The WACOM goes through its previous 'now you see me'.. routine on start-up. But at least now, when it falls asleep, I can get access to Systems, Device manager, etc to update drivers there. I had tried this before, but W'98 had not brought any recovery. The properties box declares that the device is working correctly, and always has done. (By the way, my own drivers for the WACOM are set out over two floppies.)
At the moment, then, I must do this up-date off the C: drive every session, which is a bit of a bind, but at least the WACOM is getting back in, and it's better than trying to AutoCad or 'Photo Edit by rodent!!
Can I leave this open for a few days more?
Just in case anyone else has a bright idea..
In the 'smiley face' ranks, I've got as far as the straight line at least. Thanks.

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