Novis 14:25 25 Jun 2003

When I try to import my WAB files the following error ntification apprear:

Inbox - Outlook Express - An error occurred during the import process. The import process could not be completed.

When I try to import it via the Address Book's Import option in Find the same error appears under the heading 'Address Book - Main Identity'

In the Edit > Profile I have created a profile.

Still no success with importing.

What now?


  Megatyte 14:42 25 Jun 2003

Make sure the WAB file that you're trying to import is not marked as 'read only'.


  Novis 23:31 25 Jun 2003

It is an archive file. When I try to open it Programme Not Found window opens: Windows cannot find wab.exe; Find cannot locate it on the hard drive or in the drivers folder on the WIN98 SE disk.

The first time I attempted to import the file (before re-loading all my software again) the operation was successful, although the file folders in which the address book info was stored did not transfer.


  Megatyte 02:45 26 Jun 2003

Windows should not be looking for wab.exe if you are trying to import from the address book(the address book IS wab.exe)

Also, I can't understand why you get the error message -

"Inbox - Outlook Express - An error occurred during the import process. The import process could not be completed."

The address book is not related to your inbox.

Exactly how are you trying to import your address book and how did you save it/back it up? Did you use the address book export facility?


  Novis 00:57 27 Jun 2003

Yes, I exported to a Zip drive from inside OE: File - Export and selected address book; same as with files and folders.

The first time I reloaded software and imported I had no problem although the files were not in their original folders.

  Megatyte 09:20 27 Jun 2003

The best way to export your address book is from the address book itself. To late for you now I'm afraid but for future ref. Open your address book, File - Export - Address Book(WAB).


  Novis 13:15 27 Jun 2003

Fine - so how do I solve the problem?

I removed and re-installed OE from the WIN98 disk - curiously it restored all the email files and the old address book.

So what's going on?

Is there any way I can open my WAB address book to access addresses separate from it being located inside OE (i.e. the copy on the zip drive?)

  Megatyte 14:31 27 Jun 2003

What is the filename extension of the file that you want to access?


  Novis 12:59 02 Jul 2003

Sorry for the delay in responding.

The address book (where it is stored on the Iomega ZIP drive is listed as: Type address book file; MS DOS name: ADDRES~1.WAB

In addition to the info above, when I closed my windows after trying to Import it through the Address Book OE File > Import - there was an error message 'The address book file has been locked by another application. Please close the other application and try again.'

However, as far as I'm aware there was no other applicaiton running.

Trying to load the earlier version of OE ( earlier than Version 6 which I downloaded from the Microsoft site) in the hope that I could abain replicate the original transfer of the address book it installed <with the email and address files> that I had created in Version 6 that I had uninstalled. Just thought you should know this: perhaps there is an earlier version lurking on the system, somewhere. I used the Find facility but there doesn't appear to be any duplication.

When I use Explorer Programme Files > Outlook Express there is a copy of address book there; however, when I try to open it [left* Open] I get the same error message: 'The address book file has been locked by another application. Please close the other application and try again.'


* Can I access the WAB file other than going through OE?

* I've started another address book in OE - will I be able (if ever I'm able!) to import my original address book into that? or will I lose those entries?

* can two or more address books be married to form one address book or must the info be entered seprately?

  Megatyte 11:09 05 Jul 2003

You address book should be available in Start - Accessories.

Open your address book. Click File - Import - Address Book(WAB). Browse to and select your backed up address book. Click Open. Unless your back up is corrupted or locked it should integrate with the current one, ie current contains A and B, backup contains C and D, after Import your current one will contain A,B,C and D.


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