W98SE no sound

  Digital 12:55 04 Feb 2005

Using W98SE, CDs play OK but no sound from on-line radio stations, CNN, MSN &c. Device Manager says all OK. Anyone got any ideas please?

  LastChip 13:06 04 Feb 2005

For starters, open up your Sound Mixer and make sure nothing has a tick in the mute boxes.

When you boot your system (assuming the speakers are already turned on) do you get the "Windows Tune"?

  Digital 14:50 04 Feb 2005

Thanks LastChip. I do get the Windows start-up tune. I have a CMI8738 sound card & I've just reloaded the drivers. When I use Media Player to try to play Classic FM for instance I get a message that it MP is unable to play it & to right click on the failing item for details but right clicking doesn't produce anything. Where do I find the Sound Mixer?

  pj123 14:59 04 Feb 2005

Download (free) JetAudio from click here

Use Preferences to set it up and it will play/record anything you like to throw at it.

Any problems, email me via the envelope.

  Digital 15:01 04 Feb 2005

Just fixed it! Found the card wasn't selected under Control Panel, Media, Audio tab; selected it & now all seems OK. Thanks LastChip.

  Digital 15:03 04 Feb 2005

Thanks too pj123, your response came up as I posted my previous one. I'll have a look at that.

  LastChip 15:25 04 Feb 2005

Go to, Start; Programs; Accessories; Entertainment; Volume Control.

You should also make sure you have the appropriate CODEC to run the radio stream.

When I just tried radio on my experimental machine, Media Player (an old version supplied with Win98se - version asked to download the Windows Media Audio Codec. This I did, and started up Virgin Radio (picked at random) with no problem.

So, the short answer is, Win98se should run a Radio Stream with its original Media player with no problems.

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