W98 LAN - nothing in Network Neighbourhood

  GrahamP 21:47 28 Mar 2004

This is an XP - W98 LAN connection.

File and Printer sharing is installed and selected and I can see file contents from either machine either by explicitly opening \\machine\folder or by mapping network drive,
but strangely only the local shared drive/folders show up in Network Neighbourhood on W98.

Folders shared on W98 show up in Network neighbourhood on XP but not vice versa. On neither system does the connected computername show up under the workgroup name.

The W98 machine is dual boot with XP and I also connect the two XP systems over the same LAN without these peculiarities.

What could be causing the 98 problems?

  LastChip 21:55 28 Mar 2004

Is the XP firewall enabled, if so disable it and post the result please.

  GrahamP 22:21 28 Mar 2004

Thanks for the reply Lastchip. No the LAN connection is not firewalled from either side.

However the ADSL internet connection is and although I can't see that that should affect it, it's made me think that I didn't see this problem before I set up Internet Connection Sharing.

I'll try it both with the ADSL firewall off and with ICS uninstalled.

  GrahamP 23:14 28 Mar 2004

I've removed the ADSL firewall, uninstalled ICS and rebooted both machines. The situation is the same with one additional peculiarity.

On W98, Ipconfig now shows two Ethernet adapters (there is only one physically installed), the first having IP address and subnet mask of and the second and 255,255.255.0 as set. This looks like a red herring but is leading me to believe that after all my messing about there are some glitches in the system that a re-install would clean out.

  LastChip 23:25 28 Mar 2004

How many adapters are showing in device manager?

  GrahamP 12:53 29 Mar 2004

Many thanks, Lastchip. Yes that was the answer. In addition to the Ethernet adapter there was a Dialup adapter showing in Device Manager.

Removing this, without rebooting:

a) Ipconfig only shows one Ethernet adapter with address as expected.

b) Network neighbourhood now shows both remote and local computers on both W98 and XP.

c) Shared folders now show up on both machines under Network Neighbourhood, albeit in slightly different places which I'm willing to accept is an XP/W98 difference.

I think the surplus dialup adapter definition was left over from when the Internet connection (USB ADSL) was on the W98 machine. To add to the mix, W98 also has a dialup modem and previously had a Trust USB Network link. Too many ingredients.

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