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  BlackButterfly737 19:10 30 Oct 2004

I am new to web design and have designed my first few pages, I have used the World Wide Web Consortium to validate by pages at work and everything is ok. However, whenever I try to validate my pages on my personal laptop and home computer, I receive the following message, 'Sorry, I am unable to validate this document because its content type is text/plain, which is not currently supported by this service.

The Content-Type field is sent by your web server (or web browser if you use the file upload interface) and depends on its configuration. Commonly, web servers will have a mapping of filename extensions (such as ".html") to MIME Content-Type values (such as text/html).

That you recieved this message can mean that your server is not configured correctly, that your file does not have the correct filename extension, or that you are attempting to validate a file type that we do not support yet.'

What settings to I need to change on my personal computers at home?

  barryoneoff.co.uk 16:17 31 Oct 2004

to build it, and who do you host it with?

  BlackButterfly737 20:02 01 Nov 2004

Hi Barry, I wrote it using textpad and it is not currently hosted. I am learning HTML as part of a university course and we are not allowed to use FrontPage, Dreamweaver and the like. Instead we have to use a basic text editor. As part of the course it does not need to be hosted, either.

I have validated at the web group design website (click here) and it states that it is correct to HTML 4.01 Transitional, but when I run it at work through the W3 validator it comes up with 5 errors that htmlhelp.com did not find. I would just like to validate the pages at home as I design them.

  Taran 01:35 02 Nov 2004

Your pages are not validating at home because you have Windows XP SP2 installed, or so I am guessing.

This behaviour has been commented on in the WebDesign forum before click here

It appears that something in SP2 disallows the W3C validator from correctly accessing your HTML files. I've not even attempted to find a workaround or fix yet due to lack of available time. All I do is upload the files I want to check to a sub-folder on an existing website and run them through the validator fromt that location, which works perfectly.

Perhaps your ISP has some free web space that you can use for this. It's no great chore and only takes a few moments. If I get the time to try and find a fix, or if I come across one I'll be sure to post details of it, but I'm snowed under at present.

Anyway, SP2 causes the behaviour at your home computer(s), which is the short answer to your question.


  BlackButterfly737 22:19 02 Nov 2004

Thanks for the advice, guys. I am indeed using Windows XP SP2. I was using Mozilla on an old PC but did not install it when I bought my new PC in March. I will install FireFox and use that instead of Internet Explorer. I will also use the advice Taran gave and use some of the web space my ISP has provided for my new website.

  LeadingMNMs 15:53 30 Nov 2004

Yes, apparently the W3.org site works best when using Mozilla / Netscape rather than IE. Seems strange for an organisation thats aim is to ensure that each browser can display the page correctly.

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