W32/[email protected] virus - This message is simply to

  User-1F69FBFA-3DC0-43D3-81FB02DC4D4087D2 13:19 05 Mar 2004

I have received the following email (I have no record or recall of sending an email to that address), but I immediatelly went through the process of tackling it using my Norton Antivirus software. I followed the advice online to the letter and also used NAVs online scanning tools to check my pc. Everthing says I have not been infected. So is the email itself the virus trying to get in or is this a new yet unknown virus (I note this one is spelt with a small 'd' not capital 'D' like the one on the NAV site)? Or this there another explanation?

"Our virus detector has just been triggered by a message you sent:-
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Thanks!
Date: Thu Mar 4 19:00:58 2004
Any infected parts of the message have not been delivered.

This message is simply to warn you that your computer system may have a
virus present and should be checked.

The virus detector said this about the message:
Report: /1Ayy4t-00077S-00/message_part2.pif Found the W32/[email protected] virus !!!

Email Virus Scanner"

  sattman 13:34 05 Mar 2004

I have had exactly the same situation as you and at this time am unsure how to proceed.

  GuyR 15:38 05 Mar 2004

lots of us are getting this, problem is that this virus attacks via looking at address book and immediately sends itself on. If you recieve e-mails from contacts who have your address as part of a group posting then it also goes to all those addresses. It then loops all over the place with lots of little one liner headings with virus an attached file.

  cycoze 15:53 05 Mar 2004

You have checked your PC and find its clean , good , this virus is one of many that can use an email address found in an infected machines address book , it then sends itself out to the rest of the address book , this then looks as if it has come from your address , its called "spoofing", the email you recieved
is just from one server to let you know its picked up on this virus being sent out from what looks to be your address.

More info look click here .

Thanks for the replies. I haven't had another so fingers crossed. However, I'm still curious - I had a couple of infected emails prior to this one that NAV detected and were automatically identified and I deleted them. Then I got this one that appeared to suggest I had passed it on (I've had none since). Was this last one yet another attempt by the virus? If so why did Nav not pick it up as before? And why, if NAV says I am clean, did someone reply to me as the sender of the infected email, when I deleted immediately? Perhaps, I should leave such complexities to those of you who know better and just be happy I'm clean (but am I ?!!!).

Also, I forgot to note that no-one has yet indicated whether or not the use of the lower case 'd' in my apparent attack suggests a further varient as the one on the NAV site had a capital 'D' in its description, i.e. mine had a [email protected] as opposed to NAVs [email protected] Are viruses insensitive to case?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:43 06 Mar 2004

There is nothing to worry about. The virus is merely annoyiing and not disabling. If you have been infected it is very easy to clean. Just keep your AV up to date and forget about it.


  sattman 12:59 06 Mar 2004


This virus infection is still prevalent, I have just had two that Norton again has detected and auto quarantined and which I have now manually deleted.

The message that you got was advisory, did not contain a attachment and thus no virus. This is why Norton did not detect,it was clean.

This message was sent to you as the sender had recieved a infected email that carried all or part of your email address and naturally looked like it was sent by you.

The virus trawls any contact lists of a system it infects and sends out fake emails to all the address on that computor, it only ignores specific address's that would be detrimental to its survival.

  spuds 13:14 06 Mar 2004

A bit more virus information click here

  Smiler 13:44 06 Mar 2004

I've had 9 such e-mails from various "addresses" that look real in the last two days. I always check my e-mails before opening my mail reader using mailwasher and this has told me that the e-mails were possible virus. So I preview the message in mailwasher. The text usually says "please read the attached file". So I then delete it using mailwasher.

Thanks for the reassurance Gandalf, and the explanation Satman, and for the other contributions. Signing off now and at peace!

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