tomtojo 10:55 04 Apr 2007

Hi everyone,
I have virgin pc guard protection running and it tells me I have a virus, w32\blocker-based!maximus. I have installed Avast and run a scan, but avast dose not detect any virus.

The virus is located in, c:\windows\system32\closeall.exe according to virgin pc guard.

any help, or info, ?

  birdface 11:08 04 Apr 2007

I would imagine if PC Guard found it ,it would also delete it.Has it put it in the virus vault.Can you check to see if they have dissabled it.

  tomtojo 11:14 04 Apr 2007

Hi buteman,
all it has done is logged the virus, under action, it says failed!, so I presume the virus is still on pc.


  birdface 11:18 04 Apr 2007

restart your computer,Run PC Guard again and see if is still there.

  birdface 11:39 04 Apr 2007

You might need to run a spyware program to get rid of it,Avg-Anti Spyware is ok and free,

  tomtojo 11:56 04 Apr 2007

Thanks buteman,
run scan again after restart, all clear!.
can I ask you something else, how do I hide an update I don't want to install?. windows tells you how to restore hidden updates but not how to hide them in the first place!.
Thanks again for the virus help.

  birdface 12:20 04 Apr 2007

If it is a microsoft up-date,Run the manual scan,when update comes up you do not tick the box,You click something else on it And I forget what,But it will say do not show this update again.If you have automatic updates selected I would cancel that and start doing it manually,Memory not as good as it used to be, But I am sure someone will come on and explain it better,

  tomtojo 12:26 04 Apr 2007

Thanks for all your help buteman, I know what you mean about the memory!!!!

Thanks again

  birdface 12:37 04 Apr 2007

Hi Tom, sorry about that but if you had asked me about 30 minutes ago I would have been able to tell you as there was a Microsoft up-date that I had to install,I am sure you will be able to work it out yourself,I take it you are just a new customer with Virgin,Obvious loaded if you can afford the 10Mb.You do know that you get a free upgrade to 20Mb next month.

  birdface 12:40 04 Apr 2007

Oops sorry memory gone again it was not you that was on the 10Mb.I think that I was up to early this morning,nothing going right at all.

  tomtojo 12:52 04 Apr 2007

Wish I was loaded, but no such look, you will have to get a few early nights.

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